27 Jul 2007

No Water - WHAT?
(WARNING : Contains female nudity!)

For anyone not in the know regards the recent crisis to hit Gloucestershire, we've been flooded. Well not me specifically, but many local areas and as a result mains water supply has been cut off due to contamination of the Water Pumping Plant in Tewkesbury.

For many people flooded out of their homes these are trying times. For those not directly affected by the floods we also have the hardship of dealing with no running mains water.

Not to be downtrodden though, I typically embraced this situation and channeled my creative resources & practical know how to make life a little easier. I'd even go so far as to say it's been fun (well Daisy thinks so anyway).

Here's a few photos to sum up life in the Davis household at present.


Where it all began. This was the start of the flooding in Tewkesbury - taken Saturday 21st July on my way home from Dan & Rachel's wedding (see below for photos). FYI this is just along the road from the flooded water treatment works.

Having gone 2 days now without running water my wife (who was desperate to wash her hair) & Daisy went out on a mission and came home with this........ yes, drinking water & a shower! OK - you see a watering can right. Umm squint a little and try imagining this as a shower.... it is possible, you just need someone to hold it for you. Perhaps only suitable for couples, NOT maybe good friends - that'd be a little too 'close'!

Having got some water I then did my bit and checked on the elderly neighbors. All were fine, not needing any extra water, and embracing community spirit by bringing gifts for Daisy. Yes, that is a beach ball from the 60's I'd guess! Price 2/6 pence. The elderly neighbor was cleaning out her cupboards and found this - Brilliant!

So first up for a bath was Daisy; however with the bath full of water we had to make use of available alternatives, and what an alternative this was. A PLASTIC TUB (with wheels). Imagine that if you're one! After a few dry laps round the house we then filled it up and enjoyed making a mess in the kitchen.

With water in the bath running down I decided it was time to set up a water farm. So, a quick adjustment to the house guttering, a rally round for some plastic tubs, all followed by a very heavy downpour and within 2 hours the Davis were topped right back up! Brilliant.

Now I appreciate those of you who just get your water from a tap (ohh I remember the days!) this may not seem so interesting but let me put it another way. Don't look at the photo above as if it's tubs of rain water with a few bits in.... ahh no, wrong, wrong, wrong..... more like 3 showers, 4 baths for Daisy, 3 evenings washing up, umpteen swills of your hands & possibly even a quick rinse of some underpants (ohh have I gone too far now!).

It's like GOLD DUST this stuff... and i've got loads of it - yipeee! In all seriousness though, it soon puts in perspective how much water we use and how much we waste on this planet. The things we take for granted hey.

24 Jul 2007

Dan & Rachel's Wedding - 21st July '07 - Puckrup Hall, Tewkesbury

With serious flooding in the area this wedding was lucky to take place. Although a little down on guest numbers, the event was still a great day. See the blog above for photos taken in the area of Tewkesbury on my travels to this wedding.


The bridesmaids were great fun and with wet weather outside we made the most of the interior staircase.

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