8 Sep 2010

Wedding photographer Birtsmorton Court, Worcestershire

Kieren and Georgina - Birtsmorton Court - 3rd Sept 2010

Picking the right wedding date is important, knowing the weather is going to be fine is top of every brides wish list!  Well, I'll let you into a secret - 3rd Sept, without fail is a winner.  And why do I know this...........it's my wedding anniversary this day (5 years for those wishing to know).

I've kept an eye on the weather for the last 6 years and only one in six of those dates was wet - good odds huh!?

Kieren and Georgina aren't exactly local living in Germany, so we corresponded mostly by email to get the wedding booked, then caught up when they were over in the UK at a more convenient time.   Thankfully they were a great couple (lol) and I knew we'd have a fab wedding day.

Birtsmorton Court, surrounded by the tranquil moat.

And for a change, a glimpse of the courtyard inside Birtsmorton Court - quaint huh?

Yes, that is a sheet Georgina is wearing - nice huh?!  Later you'll see she simply transformed it into a wedding dress, just with a few folds, nip & tucks, pleats and some carful cutting.

I quickly realised Georgina likes to pull very cute faces (at least I think this is cute, she may have other ideas, but hey!).  We have a 'normal' photo alongside this, but for some reason I'm always drawn to the unusual expressions first.

It got quite hot under that sheet!

JC is in da house.  Apparently Georgina's Jimmy Choo wedding shoes come a very close second to actually getting married itself!  Girls do love their shoes huh?!

Kieren sits, blissfully unaware that Georgina is just about to walk down the isle in a white bed sheet.

Ohh....nice work, snip, trim, tuck and that's one lovely looking wedding dress now.

I do believe this is the second groom recently that's checked the arrival time of his bride!  Forget a great smile, loving kiss, naaaaahhhhh, check what time she turned up!!!

We had a slightly stuff registrar (can I say that!?) who was some what traditional in his approach to wedding photographers.  You know what I'm gonna say "I'l set up a super cheesy awefully posed shot of them for you" - Nice....my fav!  I preferred this......

.....and this of the Jimmy Choos 'again'......

.......and this, simple 'touching', moment - cheesy it is not!

I reckon they got a good shot of smething - they all looking rather pleased.

I've been asked a few times lately about group shots, well, here's one.  Now imagine the same a few more times but with different people in it and you'll get an idea of what to expect.

My associate photographer.  Far younger than my last assistant at Berkeley Castle in August.  (only regular readers will understand that so apologies to those of you visiting for the first time).


I see money changing hands, lists of timings being written down - it can be only one thing.....time for speeches.

Speeches were held outside Birtsmorton Court in the White Garden.

I love these two photos (above and below)  - Kieren spoke really well (does he do this for a job?) and said the most sincere things about Georgina - sweet.

Start the clock, Best Mans speech is about to start.

Funny stuff the best mans speech.  I love this photo - so many of their friends in one frame, full of fun, just great.

I don't reckon it was that big! :-)

Boogie time.   No idea who the band were but there were a lot of them - 9 in total.  Yeah I know, that's a lot huh!

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