18 Feb 2011

Cotswold Wedding Photographer - Great Tythe Barn

I'd been cruising around the Cotswolds last weekend for the wedding of Ben & Emily at The Great Tythe Barn, Tetbury.   With sideways rain and 100mph winds the day before I did have slight reservations that it could be a testing wedding.  Alas, the rain thankfully resided although the winds didn't let up, but this did make the logistics a little easier.

Sweet wedding shoes - I'd not seen a pair like these before....kinda vintage looking.  Probably best kept dry to if they're suede (OMG, did I really say that.....?!)

Wedding dress, sash (is it called that?), broach - simple.  

Why is this funny you may ask.  Well.....note: helpful bridesmaid behind Emily.  Now note: less helpful bridesmaid  in front who at this point said "should I look as though I'm doing something?"

Back to taking photos for the 'less helpful' bridesmaid. ;-)

Ben worked his ushres hard this wedding day.  Standing around with his hands in his pockets whilst they were made to tie his tie!  Looks like it's gonna be a tad short to me if you start at that length!

Inside of The Great Tythe Barn set ready for the civil ceremony.

Is dad getting something from his pocket here or pulling off a camp expression???  Maybe that's what they're laughing about?

16 Feb 2011

Documentary Photography Workshop

In a bid to continually improve my photography I've again been on the documentary photography  workshop based in Brighton (which I attended last year).  This time around I headed out for 9 holes at Brighton & Hove Golf Club to test my skills.  It certainly offered plenty of open space, fast moving balls, lots of green green grass and some tough subjects who don't always want a photo as they 'putt' to win the all important Monday morning Ryder Cup!

It's been brilliant to be surrounded by many of the UK's most talented wedding photographers and be part of a workshop that actually gets you to take photos, pushes for continual improvement and produces results - perhaps that's why I went back for a second year :-)

Anyhow, this isn't a wedding blog post so I should stop waffling on and let you view a few photos from my assignment, whilst I catch up and get back to business.

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