21 Jan 2009

Davis Jnr.

With only one day to go before the arrival of Davis Jnr, I took a couple of photos of Ali (as apparently this is the LAST time she's prepared to be pregnant again!). I'm thinking she'll be pleased once the baby is out, although this then presents a whole new set of problems! Pulling up her socks shouldn't be one of them though.

Just so you appreciate how big a bump gets, I've finally found out how to post LARGE size photos - phew, just in the nick of time!

It's probably worth noting too that anyone contacting me over the next couple of weeks may have to wait for a response - i'm officially on paternity leave.... although I'm sure I'll blog about something or other and read the occasional email!

18 Jan 2009

Winter Wedding Photography Oxfordshire - St Denys Church, Stanford-In-The-Vale

Karin & Giles - 20th Dec 2008

Having had a busy December (ya know, Christmas and all that), plus a New Year and our new baby arrival on the horizon, I hadn't time to previously post a few shots from Karin & Giles' wedding on the 20th Dec.

So, here we have a short selection of shots taken.


I love the inclusion of the little lad in amongst the Groom, Best Man & Ushers.

A swift pint before the ceremony - problem was, the pub wasn't open!

I like seeing these two photos together, (above) the relaxed pre bride arrival banter, (below) the slightly more shitting it face (can I say that!?)

Now is the vicar looking at me here? Is it a "you'd better not be taking any photos'' glare, or just "ohh isn't the singing lovely" thoughts? I must confess to hiding behind my camera and not making eye contact as I thought she was about to tell me not to take any photos.

The Gospel Choir were pretty awesome I must say. They sang one of my fav tunes too - 'As' by George Michael & Mary J Blige - wicked.

The challenge of winter weddings - yep, no light. Or as I found, light in very few places, so pick your spot and hope someone's in it.

The caricaturist was pretty good - very quick...thankfully no time to sketch me and my overly exaggerated features - phew!

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