20 Sep 2007

Pop cornflour on the shopping list - we're fresh out!

With a wedding coming up tomorrow I decided to test out the new lens I bought this week; it's best I check it works first hey! For anyone interested it's an EF24 f1.4 L, this is lens porn to any good photographer, but "whatever" to anyone else!

So for those who care more about the photos it takes, than it's credentials, here's a few samples. Daisy and I started in the garden, then whilst I uploaded the photos, mum was left in charge. Ummm...... say no more. Sitting on the sofa, only 10ft away, Daisy surreptitiously
emptied the kitchen cupboard of cornflour - ohh what fun!


Back in Cheltenham we've got a little bit of sand, but the beach was better I think.

Mummy hasn't seen this photo yet but I'm guessing she's gonna love it. Ohh how innocent Daisy can appear, but what's beneath that thin veneer?

"Ahh cornflour, I'll empty this all over the kitchen floor & myself"

For anyone who knows Daisy, what's great about this photo are the two bunnies (she loves) who are also enjoying some Daisy time rolling in cornflour (PS - she has two in case she loses one).

"Whoops, what have I done?"

19 Sep 2007

Yvonne & Steve's Wedding - 31st Aug '07 - Friars Court, Clanfield

This was a perfect day for photography with great light and at a location I'd been before http://www.friarscourt.com/. Jeffrey & Charles who run the weddings there are great and always offer helpful advice to get the best out of your day.

My job was made easier too with a relaxed couple who let me do my thing and shoot the day as it unfolds. I did bend their arm a little to ensure a few great bridal portraits though!


This reading was from the little book which you can see on the seats in the first photo - how cute was that?

These two details (above & below) were just as I found them. If possible I like to record the day as it is so to include both shoes and flowers in this way was great.

I don't know if I noticed at the time and purposefully framed to include this tree but it compliments this composition so well with the two trunks winding into one - ohh aren't I just an old romantic... (umm my wife would tell you different!)

This just makes me laugh. I'm convinced he (Goldie) wanted a crisp from that bowl - it wasn't my place to offer but I bet one guest did by the end of the evening.

This is a really strong shot and will certainly make a great framed print. It'll be included on my website shortly that's for sure.

17 Sep 2007

Tariq & karen's Wedding - 25th Aug '07 - Mallory Court, Leamington Spa

This was a hot day at a super location I'd not shot at before http://www.mallory.co.uk/. The staff were really helpful and the day ran smoothly as a result. My job was made easier by the relaxed nature of Karen & Tariq which meant I could shoot plenty of natural photos as the day unfolded.


What a fab lawn - I'd been proud to have mown that! (Are lines in a lawn just a bloke thing though?)

Tariq was pretty relaxed waiting for Karen's arrival.

A roaming magician kept the guests entertained... and somewhat baffled too!

This is a cute concept where the wedding couples champagne glasses are tied together - but clearly Tariq escaped and left Karen in charge!

16 Sep 2007

Carry on Cornwall - The Davis' summer vacation

Wahoooo, summer has arrived at last and just in time for my two weeks off in Sept - how about that!

The Davis' had one week at home doing 'nice stuff' (otherwise known as shopping & eating out) followed by a week in Cornwall holidaying (eating ice cream & building sand castles).

To give my weedy little arms a rest from lugging 10kg's of pro photography kit around I chose to take my small digi compact (a Canon IXUS-850IS) and what a great little tool it turned out to be. Alright, so the noise at high ISO, lack of contrast & it's limit in manual setting are a negative but the portability and fun I had with it meant I took photos & made video in all kinds a weird & wonderful ways. Here's just a small taste of a few favs.


Daisy loved bouncing on the spare bed. "She's just so beautiful", how am I meant to stop taking photos of her!?! Is this every parents problem?

Taking photos whilst cycling made this 'flat ride' a little more exciting! Ummmm... looking at this photo you can't actually tell we're on bikes hey - ohh well, just trust me on this one!

(Above) My wife hadn't ridden a bike for about 10 years but it soon came back to her! I however had so felt it possible to take photos and cycle at the same time! (Below) rest was required though after an 11 mile ride along the Camel Trail from Wadebridge to Padstow.

(Above) This was the fantastic Hemmick beach which we shared with only 6 other people...... how cool!

A trip around picturesque St. Mawes bagged me several super photos, then we ended up back in Mevegissey for Fish & Chips by the harbour.

Fish, Chips & Candy in Mevagissey. Daisy swinging her little feet anticipating her next mouthful, Ali looking perplexed and my mum & dad wondering if I ever stop taking photos.

Above is my fav shot from holiday still taken with the little compact (rested on a hand rail with a slow shutter speed in manual mode). It's also pleasing to see that in the right hands, taking a great photo with a £300 camera can begin to compare with my £3,000 camera.

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