19 Sep 2007

Yvonne & Steve's Wedding - 31st Aug '07 - Friars Court, Clanfield

This was a perfect day for photography with great light and at a location I'd been before http://www.friarscourt.com/. Jeffrey & Charles who run the weddings there are great and always offer helpful advice to get the best out of your day.

My job was made easier too with a relaxed couple who let me do my thing and shoot the day as it unfolds. I did bend their arm a little to ensure a few great bridal portraits though!


This reading was from the little book which you can see on the seats in the first photo - how cute was that?

These two details (above & below) were just as I found them. If possible I like to record the day as it is so to include both shoes and flowers in this way was great.

I don't know if I noticed at the time and purposefully framed to include this tree but it compliments this composition so well with the two trunks winding into one - ohh aren't I just an old romantic... (umm my wife would tell you different!)

This just makes me laugh. I'm convinced he (Goldie) wanted a crisp from that bowl - it wasn't my place to offer but I bet one guest did by the end of the evening.

This is a really strong shot and will certainly make a great framed print. It'll be included on my website shortly that's for sure.

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