20 Feb 2008

Praise be, hallelujah!

Not too sure if the title is quite right for this post, but today I had some feedback from my first wedding of 2008, which was Karen's on Feb 2nd. Just made me laugh with the comment.. "ohh my god - you are good". Did she doubt me? Any other non believers out there..... rest easy!

HI Matt,
Oh my god – you are good! Amazing pics on the web, I am well happy! Made my heart go! Will look at the dvd over next few days… first day back today:-)

Speak soon
Karen x
Let's pop a photo in to just for good measure. Here's Karen's husband at 12 midnight...... yeah.. looks a little suspect to me - surely he should be with the bride?

19 Feb 2008

Is it really February?

The lure of a great sunset keeps snaring me and last night was no exception. I decided it needs another angle though, so instead of a straight wide shot, I took three of this sunset so you can see just how hot hot hot it is.

@ 200mm - a long (ish) telephoto lens

@70mm - a kinda mid range lens.

@ 24mm - wide, but not actually super wide. Just enough, I like to think. Shot one now makes that tree in the distance look a lot closer though hey?

Jo's Family Portrait Session 10th Feb '08

I'll be brief as a) it's late and b) 3 portrait shoots in a weekend kinda poops me out!


Order of the day was some group family shots for their ruby wedding anniversary. Jo liked the idea of using the steps to their family home so I simply obliged.

A quick couple of cutie shots whilst waiting for the others.

18 Feb 2008

Todays favourite quote.....

The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision. --Helen Keller

Hopefully I have vision?!

Project sky pie

What a hottie it was last night, not in temperature (as it was turbo chilly), but the sky was on fire. Love it.

Dare I say it, it's probably similar to a few others we've had recently, but hey ho.

17 Feb 2008

Davis' a la plage

Yeah.... a fine day at Croyde beach. I love the beach, even more so out of season on a corker of a day. Ali needed cheering up this weekend (having had a crap week at work) and Daisy and I need no excuse to hit the beach (well I need a weekend day off and thankfully I had a scarce Sat free).

So here we are, wrapped up warm enjoying some fine weather down south. I really must start that savings account for my holiday home :-)

So small in such a big space.


Natural photos of the whole family.... now that's a hard shot to take yourself. We had a go with the well tested 'arm out' technique (you know the one, you all do it in the pub with your mates right?) It's just a bit harder for me with a camera weighing 2kg.

This is Ali's favourite photo from the day. Daisy has just learnt the word 'cuddle', although she pronounces it 'cuggle' and exclusively uses it on mummy it appears. I now have daddy envy...... why doesn't she want to cuggle me all the time?!

We stopped at Saunton Sands on the way back as the sun was setting and I came across this - cute..... HAPPY VALENTINES EVERYONE.

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