11 Oct 2007

Gavin & Amy's Wedding - 5th Oct '07 - The Swan Hotel, Bibury

I'll always remember Amy for the fact she knew my daughters name the first time we met. Simple things please me hey!

Anyway, these two are a top couple and certainly picked the best day in Oct to get married. I had great fun round at mum & dads house in the morning, enjoying the pre wedding atmosphere, before we tripped on down to the Swan Hotel for a tranquil autumn wedding.


Most clients know, I try to look for new ways to present shoes if I photograph them. Some are a little different and I loved this one!

Tee hee... one photo of your dress is good, but this is twice as nice! Well it is 'the most' important part of the girlie's wedding day!

Mum & dad had many great photos of the family generations up on their walls. Clearly photography and their associated memories are important to them. I liked these photos on their stairwell and hoped to use them somehow - the moment came as Amy made her way down the stairs, so I chose to include these in the frame.

Amy's dad was a smasher. He was clearly proud to give her away and had such a supportive family when needed.

This was Matt too....... he liked taking photos as well!

Chinese tourists made for a great comic moment as I was shooting this group shot and they too couldn't resist getting in on the action with their digi cams!

9 Oct 2007

Chanel & Nick's Wedding - 29th Sept '07 - St Peters Church, South Rop / Friars Court, Clanfield

It seemed a long time ago I first met Chanel & Nick, and as the months passed, we got to know each other pretty well.

The big day soon came round and what a peachy one it was. Late Sept gave us weather perfection with a warm freshness & bright light that only comes in Autumn.

Here are just a few of my favs covering some of the days events.


This little photo is really sweet. I watched this photo evolve as other guests asked Nick to pose for their shots next to this sign (which wasn't for me). My moment came later when he relaxed and chatted with his best man and all the pieces fell into place.

No photos allowed during the ceremony (doh!) but I grabbed this just before they broke to sign the register.

I'm always looking for new ways to capture the people and environment they are in. Here Chanel & Nick had just stepped out of the car to their champagne reception - I chose to capture both elements in one..... (well I think it's clever, but perhaps that's arty farty photographer talk!)

This is such a cute look on Chanel's face - love it!

Ohh ohh, more reflections, you just couldn't stop me this day!

These two are the only couple I've known to walk into their wedding breakfast to the Rocky sound track! What a laugh!

8 Oct 2007

Monday is Daisy Day.

With regularly working weekends I always have Monday off to hang with Daisy. With mummy at work, we decided to have fun in the park with the autumn leaves! It's not easy to take photos and keep an eye on a very nimble toddler, but with a little juggling I got my few shots. She couldn't believe her luck to find so many leaves; "just how do I pick them all up daddy?"

My evening was a working one though with post processing last weeks wedding. My trusty helper Freddie found a perfect spot to ensure he was cuddled whilst I worked!

Ohh just found these couple of sweet photos of Daisy - although I am bias hey!

This was a trip to the park with Mummy last weekend, but as all parents know, you can't get enough swing time... both kids & adults - hey Ali?!?

Probably the closest I'll get to riding a motorbike! Clearly this one isn't designed for people with long gangly legs!

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