22 Dec 2011

Wiltshire wedding photographer

It's not often I'm out of my county, but last weekend I played a split role: starting the day as a Wiltshire wedding photographer for the church ceremony, then straight back into Gloucestershire for the wedding reception at Kingscote Barn.

Emma & Ben both have military backgrounds so it was inevitable the wedding would have a military undertone.....and for once, for the ushers wearing a think wool suit, it was a good thing.

The day started at Emma's 'beautiful' house in Kington St. Michael, with a fun bunch of girls on hand for  entertainment (or bridesmaids duties as I believe it should be called).   Bridal preps were a whirl wind of activity, yet amazingly calm.  It was then time to move onto the Church in the local parish church.

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I stumbled across my favourite wedding double act this morning too....... :-)

On 'making a bride look beautiful' we have Clare Bryce aka (www.purepampering.co.uk) and on 'hair quaffing' the talented iphone snapper (and wedding hair stylist) Mr Chris Fordham (www.fhdmobile.co.uk)

A blue garter, provided by the bridesmaids as a gift to Emma.

I love this photo.  The excitement of getting into a wedding dress is a big part of the wedding day for most brides.......and equally as exciting for the bridesmaids :-)

Yep, those are instruction on 'how to put on a wedding dress'.  I didn't recall the part about scissors.....just make sure you cut the right bit - no one needs a wardrobe malfunction as you walk down the aisle.  

The house was pretty warm with the central heating blasting out and a room full of hot bods (ohh err), so Emma's school friend took some 'time out' in the big chill.  Handily the front door had a window to peak back in on the action!  

I'd not seen one of this before. It's a sizing guide based on Emma's latest dress fitting.  In simple terms, a bit of card with a pencil line drawn on it to show how tight to pull the string bits up.  Can you tell I'm a bloke?  I'm sure there is a proper term for them!?  Ribbons?  Laces?  

Kington St. Michael church.

I was only allowed to take photos from the back in this church but it does make this shot a great moment!

I love photos that have a timeless quality about them.  This could have easily been taken in 1911.......although maybe not with a digital SLR!

Great expressions on the faces of these guys forming the wedding Guard Of Honour.

...and this is the view from the other side of the Guard of Honour.  I like to work fast at weddings, as moments like this are over very quickly.  Seeing this shot from the couples perspective makes for a fantastic wedding photo....possibly one of my favourite from the day.

A winter wedding reception at the Kingscote Barn.

It had to be.......winter weddings pretty much always include a snowflake or christmas theme for the details.  It's not many couples who have a friend knit them 40 or so 'mini stockings' though........a good will gesture which I'm sure was appreciated.......although maybe not by the time she was on the 20th one!

Warm for a December wedding?  Emma was oblivious to the 5 degree temperatures!

And the funny face award goes to.... :-)


I like guest photos taken during the wedding reception.......I took loads on this occasion, but here are just a few.

Cutting a wedding cake with a sword isn't exactly easy :-)

If you're looking for a wedding photographer for Kingscote Barn please drop me a line.  Wiltshire Wedding Photographer

21 Dec 2011

The boys.......

....were on a woodland adventure today.  Barney & his buddy Alfie tackled Crickley Hill in search of Dinosaurs and the Gruffalo.

20 Dec 2011

Winter wedding at Kingscote Barn

Just one (for now) from my winter wedding at Kingscote Barn this weekend......and when I say winter that did indeed include snow, thankfully not too much though and I managed to get there and back without the need for snow chains!

The full blog post from this wedding at Kingscote Barn will be up before Christmas, so stop by and take a peak shortly.

I wish everyone a great Christmas and look forward to hearing from some new couples who get engaged over the festive period and New Year.....so if you're looking for a wedding photographer at Kingscote Barn please drop me a line.  www.mattdavisphotography.co.uk

You can now see see other winter weddings on my new blog.

26 Nov 2011

Kingscote Barn wedding Venue

I've been back to the Kingscote Barn recently for Neil and Georgie winter wedding.  Kingscote Barn wedding venue and has recently been awarded The 2012 Wedding Industry Award 'Best Venue' for the South West, so congratulations to them.  Hopefully many of the couples who've got married there will appreciate the work put in by the staff at Kingscote to ensure their wedding day runs smoothly.

Kingscote Barn now also have on site accommodation for the wedding, which is a real bonus for couples choosing to marry there.  Having had a quick peak around whilst photographing the boys getting ready, it certainly looked a good standard.

Anyhow, onto the wedding itself.......but don't forget there are more photos over on my Facebook page so go 'like it' and take a peak.

"Now, does anyone want this last slice of quiche?"  It's important to eat on your wedding day right?

Clare from Pure Pampering was on the make-up tools this weekend. (www.purepampering.co.uk)

Here we go....inside the new wedding accommodation at Kingscote Barn.  Big clock huh?  Only one hand too - I thought that was pretty trick.

Georgie wore her grandma's earrings on the wedding day.

Can you spot me? I don't often make it into photos, but couldn't get out the way (despite trying) as well as get the shot!

Georgie's mum spent a lot of time laughing. :-)

Love this photo.  'The wedding dress grand reveal'.

Wedding traditions - a Silver sixpence for your shoe.  Beautifully sellotaped onto the underside by the bridesmaid.

Dad's first impression as he saw Georgie in her wedding dress.

Did I mention Georgie's mum laughed a lot?

Wedding lists.  Georgie had A LOT of these?  A quick check before the wedding ceremony!

I have no idea what was said here but love the expression.  But my guess is "don't fall over, walk in one at a time (slowly) and remember to take my flowers off me when I get to the alter" (Doh...come on, which bridesmaid forgot the latter?)

Laughing AGAIN.

Quick kiss, followed by a few tears (and slightly strange faces) from the bridesmaids. 


I really like this photo.  It's what I believe differentiates a professional photographer from 'a friend taking your wedding photos'.  When taking my photos I don't just snap one persons expression, I look to build a photo that conveys a feeling of the day....and for me this shows how wedding days have so much going on - in just one frame.

Cheeky ;-)

Funny :-)

Yep, weddings in November certainly have a chill in the air.

Sequences can tell a great deal in photography.  These three work brilliantly together.

Close up videography - could he get them both in the frame - that's the question on my lips?

Mum laughing still.  This time at the groom :-)

Note the pile of 'props' on the floor from the best mans speech.

Good work Matt (the best man not me.....although I hope the wedding photos are alright hey!?).  You certainly pleased all the guests at Kingscote Barn for this weekends wedding.

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