3 Nov 2008

Portrait Photographer Cheltenham

The Shore-Nye's - 2nd Nov 2008

With two portrait sessions fitted in this weekend, surely one would hit me with bad weather - this was it. A fierce downpour overnight left a well drenched morning to work with, added to this was a little light rain - ohh come on....give me a break!

Still, I had a happy set of smiles from my clients, which was just what we needed. Despite unfavourable conditions we battled on and got a sweet selection of shots.

Here are a few taken.


Ahhhh, what a bunch of munch kins. Don't you just want to squeeze those cheeks?

This cheeky little smile above is one of my favourite portrait photos from the day.

To jump or not to jump - that is the question?

Wahooooooo.... I'll go for the jumping option.

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