7 May 2011

Lightning strike Cheltenham

Humid temperatures have produced some mean weather tonight and for the first time ever I attempted to take a photo of lightening striking.  

Shot from my bedroom this was the only shot, (out of 70) which was timed correctly to capture a flash.  I now know what I need for next time:
1) my tripod ready to hand, rather than faffing around getting it out the car then having to find the adaptor somewhere else in a bag in the cupboard
2) a memory card actually in my camera ready
3) a battery that wasn't just about to go flat
4) a clean lens and 
5) a ND filter (that's a really boring thing the average reader of my blog really doesn't need to know!) 

So, I'm off to Silicon Valley now, where I believe all the tornado chasers hang out, to get some cool shots of stormy weather :-)

3 May 2011

Kingscote Barn spring wedding photos

With all the hype of the Royal wedding will we now see an upsurge in couples getting married?   Who knows..... but my weekend around the 29th April was certainly a busy one, although sadly I wasn't nominated to be the Royal wedding photographer!   

I was however shooting at Kingscote Barn for the lovely couple Dave & Jessica......and let's be honest, the better weather was on the Thursday and Sat.....not friday!

The driveway down to Kingscote Barn was lined with this gorgeous bright yellow oilseed rape.....it can only mean one thing - spring has arrived.

Kingscote Barn nestled at the end of it's long drive set amongst rolling Cotswold countryside and traditional Cotswold stone walling.

Green bridesmaid dresses appear to have been something of a wedding trend lately.  They look really great in spring and this outfit with matching shoes was trick!  

Why do I like this photo?  Well......anything in 3's always balances nicely (a rule of thirds!) so that's one tick box.  Mum has a fab expression - two tick boxes.  The white gloves - they always make me smiile!!!!  But, (most importantly) the green bridesmaid dress is back in action, this time alongside the mother of the brides baby blue outfit.  Why is this so important.......?   Well, for those of you with an eye for colour (or the design types out there) blue and green sit next to each other on the colour wheel, meaning they just work together!  Simple huh.......or did they plan it, I wonder?

One-Two-Three (you get the idea about how to take photos now right?).  It's a back of the dress shot, but also has the bridesmaid and mum all in on the action.  However, as a professional photographer I'm never happy with just one shot, so you can see below I moved on in my composition and included the pretty heart in my next frame..........alongside the brides expression in the mirror too!  Is it wrong to give myself a pat on the back?? :-)

Only on your wedding day would you allow someone to look up your skirt!

Kingscote Barn bathed in sunlight.  It's blue and green again - I'm noticing a theme for this wedding.

This was a sweet little wedding detail.  The whole thing said 'LOVE' (but you guessed that right).  Not sure where it was from, I've not seen one before - anyone know and care to inform me?  Always handy for brides looking for something similar :-)

The three amigos.  This isn't a posed shot (despite it's possible appearance).  It was taken as the groom and his two best men were awaiting the brides arrival....and I'm guessing they were looking up at the string quartet playing in Kingscote Barns Balcony.  (Looks kinda boy band though huh?)

Ohh look, my blue and green outfits have teamed up again.  Someone sensibly had some tissues to hand too for the wedding ceremony.

This isn't your 'normal' shot of someone doing a reading, but I kinda like it.  Yeah we have the typical shot also, but this is always a nice moment just after they've finished the reading and walk back to their seat.  Maybe it's a sigh of relief but this guy has a pleasing smile on his face.

"Ummm the ring......have you remembered the rings?" Yep, check!

Wedding rings on, now for the kissy bit.......

....or the cuddly bit....

....or the smiling at your wedding guests bit.....

.....or even the tender moment (I think that's my favourite from the four).

Now to pretend to sign the wedding register.

OK.  This photo.  Why is it one of my favs?  Well?  I'l often take shots of guests taking photos of the wedding couple.....after all that happens  A LOT on a wedding day.  But this set up is fantastic.  Out of the 9 subjects 8 are in dark clothes (and mostly men).  One isn't!  Out of all these people who should be pointing their camera in a completely obscure direction - which to me is what makes this photo so much more interesting?  What is she taking a photo of????

Priceless....what a great way to greet the wedding couple.

2 May 2011

May Bank holiday weekend

Is there anything more fun than water pistol fights on a hot day. 

Swimming goggles - perfect eyewear to keep out a direct shot to the eye!

Freddie: the only cat you'll meet to actively seek out water, rather than avoid it.    I think that's a foul shot too Daisy, in the back when Barney was unarmed and sorting out a wardrobe malfunction is just not fair!

1 May 2011

Kingscote Barn wedding venue

Blue sky, bright yellow oilseed rape, 'The Tree' and Kingscote Barn as a wedding venue - zingaling!  

Watch this space for full details coming soon........
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