6 Jul 2007

Sian & Steve's Wedding - 30th June '07 - St. Peters Church, Goetre / The Newbridge

A beautiful story to kick this wedding off as it was the brides parents wedding anniversary too, having said their vows at this same church 34 years ago to the day. However, as fairytale as this sounds, my luck of fine weather came to an end and ohhhh yeah.... it rained!

Sometimes this shot REALLY works and this was it! The brides expression was perfect, dad looked on proudly and the groom watched her arrival - I just love it.... and as if that wasn't enough I even had great light to boot - I couldn't ask for more.

The scenery around the reception was very picturesque and made the perfect backdrop to some formal shots. Even the rain held off for us too!

4 Jul 2007

Praise is always well received.

Today I had a lovely e-mail from a recent bride (Claire), with complementary words about her wedding photos. Not wanting to 'big myself up' too much i'll let Claire's words do the talking.

"Thanks for sending us the CD of photos - they're amazing! We've shown lots of our family members and friends and they are very impressed! You were certainly a big hit on the day - thanks for coming back for the evening, some of the night shots are great and some very funny!"

.......... and the bit that made me laugh the most.

"We've had some great feedback about you - some of the guys thought you looked like Christopher Eccelston when he was Dr Who - haha!"

Now clearly I don't watch enough TV, and certainly not Dr Who, but a quick google search found me hanging out with Jo Wiley... how apt since it's her birthday today too (happy birthday Jo). So here we are together.

And the real me........

Clearly this blog has now gone very off topic, but hey, don't Jo and I make a great couple!

If you'd like to see any of Claires beautiful wedding photos just see the blogs beneath.

3 Jul 2007

Maria & Rob's Wedding - 23rd June '07 - St. Aldhelms Catholic Church / The Great Tythe Barn, Tetbury.

This British summer weather keeps you guessing on a wedding day! This was no exception.... but yet again (and it can't keep happeneing) my luck remained and the black clouds blew off in the opposite direction - wahoo, a dry day! A great little wedding at the Catholic Church in Malmesbury, then off to the reception with the bride & groom in their wedding car.

Just a few of my fav shots (and it's always so hard to decide!)

This photo is out of my 'odd' composition box, but I love it. The couple are signing the register with their brother tucked round the corner playing guitar.

Group shots can be cool too.

So I got to ride with the married couple for the trip between church and venue. This always allows for some cool shots - above is a classic with her fab dress and below a wide angle shot with me more or less out the window to capture it!

Not a spot of rain in sight.

2 Jul 2007

Much fun in the bath when you're a baby!

Having seen my sister & niece no.2 this weekend our day ran a little long and bedtime was upon the babies before we knew it. My little niece was therefore lucky enough to 'stop late' at Uncle Matthew's and have a bath with her cousin Daisy. You wouldn't believe how much fun this could be...... not only for the babies but also 5 adults who filled the bathroom to watch. What proud parents and grandparents we all must be.

Daisy & Matilda sharing a moment with their respective ducks.

The 'tap end' is the best when you're under 18 hey!
A rest from weddings - some family time.

When you take photos for a living it's sometimes hard to remember to actually take shots of your own family. So this weekend (June ish sometime) I arranged to see my parents and had my sister pop round with her family too. I'm lucky to have parents with a superb large garden and we got a break in the rainy wether to go out and play with the children (my daughter & niecees - is that how you spell it?) Here's a few of my favs from the day.

My sister wanted a family portrait for her recent birthday present and luckily for her, little brother Matt happened to have his camera to hand. Here's THE shot where they were all finally happy with how they looked! If I thought customers could be particular, family can be even more so!

If going forwards isn't enough fun, try backwards - that's EVEN better!

Niece no. 2 - neither of them camera shy hey!

Finally a photo of my little family of Davis'. It's just about impossible as a photographer to be happy with a photo someone else takes - Dad did a pretty good job though to be fair! We do look kinda like that, NOT quite Brad and Jolie, but hey!

Shelley & Ian's Wedding - 16th June '07 - Little Rissington / Wick Hill House

It initially looked as if we were gonna have a wet wedding here, but yet again, my luck remained strong and only a small threat of a few spots actually occured. The day was a success and despite only being allowed limited photography in the church the couple had a great set of shots.

So for those of you who may be interested, this is actually my favourite shot from the wedding. It's one of those quick grab moments that just works in photography. Without going into great detail it's the ladies white hat against the dark background and the guys dark hair against the light background that make it. It's just a simple shot, that sings in b&w - I hope you like it too.

And finally for those of you who may not know, I hadn't realised (until the week before) that my sister-in-law was actually attending this same wedding too. Here she is in all her splender on the right (as you see it). Yes the photo above, NOT below! LOL.

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