12 Jun 2012

Matt Davis Photography Blog has moved

I've moved

It's been a while in the making but an all new Matt Davis Photography Blog has been born.  

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3 Jun 2012

Wedding at Kingscote Barn

Summer has finally arrived and what a scorcher last Saturday's wedding at Kingscote Barn was.  I'm sure I go on about it too much, but wow, harsh midday light certainly makes life for a photographer ten times harder.   Thankfully we found some shade (and shelter from the wind) in amongst the trees at Kingscote to grab a few couple portraits and complete a swift set of group shots.

Just one sneaky pic on the blog as I'm moving cyber space shortly, so if you wish to see more check out the FB page for updates, and keep your eyes pealed for my new website and wedding blog coming soon (edited to add: it's here now - yay).

Ashley & Sally - Kingscote Barn - May 2012

29 May 2012

Oakley Hall Wedding photographer

Last weekend I was at Oakley Hall for the spring wedding of Richard & Caroline.  They had originally planned to get married in Gloucestershire at Kingscote Barn, which is how we first met.  Move on a few months and it all changed to a wedding venue in Hampshire.  Who was I to turn down the opportunity to visit a new venue so it was all systems go.

Despite being May, we were it would appear still in the final few days of the British cooler Spring we've been experiencing this year.  Ohh how different it is now hey?  We've gone from 8 degrees to 28 degrees in a week!  With very little sunshine to speak of it did make it a straightforward day for a wedding photographer though, giving me unlimited options for the group shots around Oakely Hall.

Anyhow, it's just one photo on the blog for now as it's about to change at Mat Davis Photography HQ, with my cyber space moving to pastures new (including a new wedding blog to be announced shortly).  You can however check out the gallery of images (and tag yourself) over on my facebook business page - mattdavisphoto.  

24 May 2012

Portrait engagement photos Cheltenham

With spring finally here I managed to get out and shoot some portrait engagement photos in Cheltenham with Ben and Laura yesterday.  We'd planned this a couple of weeks previously, but the horrendous weather put a dampener on that, but having taken a rain check we certainly picked the best day of May this time around!

They will be getting married in August this year at Kingscote Barn so it was great to put a face to a name, having only previously corresponded over email.  I'm sure their wedding day is going to be great fun, and with these two relaxed in front of a camera now, couple portraits should be a breeze! 

The great light has finally arrived in late May.

If you're looking for a photographer in Cheltenham to take some portrait photos, please get in touch via my website www.mattdavisphotography.co.uk

10 May 2012

Ardington House wedding photos

Ardington House wedding photos by Matt Davis Photography.......just one to tease whilst I'm busy beautifying the rest!  (Edited to add: the full wedding blog pot is now up on my new website - check it out here Ardington House Wedding Photos)

Don't forget to keep up to date with Matt Davis Photography over on Facebook........I'll put up an early bird viewing there too.  

If you're having a wedding at Ardington House and wish to chat to me about your wedding photography then please get in touch, I'd love to hear from you.

23 Apr 2012

Wedding Photographer Chipping Campden

Last weekend I was in the heart of the Cotswolds, in the village of Chipping Campden for Jason & Monikas wedding.  Bridal preps were in the Kings Arms with the wedding ceremony being held at the St. Catherines Church, only a short walk along the high street.....perfect.

Proud Grandma looking on.

St Catherine's Church, Chipping Campden.

Click 'Read More' to see the rest of this wedding.

18 Apr 2012

Wedding in the Cotswolds

If you're thinking of having your wedding in the Cotswolds, you can't get more 'Cotswold' than Chipping Campden.

Here's a sneaky portrait taken in Chipping Campden....more to follow from their wedding day shortly.

Don't forget to keep up to date on Facebook, where there will be a selection of photos soon.

17 Apr 2012

Wedding Photos Barnsley House

A short slideshow of wedding photos from Barnsley House.

I'd meant to post this somewhat ages ago, and seeing as it's almost the one year wedding anniversary of William & Kelly, perhaps now's the right time to pop up this wonderful slideshow of photos from their wedding at Barnsley House last May!

Anyone looking for a Barnsley House wedding photographer drop me a line or visit my website (www.mattdavisphotography.co.uk) for further information.

You can see several more Barnsley House weddings here on my blog too.

8 Apr 2012

March....the heatwave

What a fab month March was, loads of warm days, no rain, just fun in the sun.  And what could be more fun than to take the kids for a walk in the woods to make the most of it.

Barney spent as much time as possible 'jumping'.  Daisy meanwhile attempted to rid the while woodland of pine cones!  

2 Apr 2012

Vince Freeman - The Voice

Okay, so this 'almost' has nothing to do with weddings, yet also has everything to do with weddings.

Why you may ask?  Well, if you've been watching BBC1's The Voice, then I'll let you into a little secret.  Did you think Vince Freeman (the guy with bare feet) was good?  Sure you did!  Well so did I, six years ago when I saw him play in a pub, then booked him to play at my wedding!  

I'm occasionally asked to recommend a good band, well here is my recommendation - Vince Freeman.  Not only did he play at my wedding many moons ago, but also at the wedding I photographed in Tuscany last May.  He's equally at home with acoustic numbers whilst you sip champagne in the olive grove.......

......as he is ripping it up with 'Sex On Fire' at midnight to a bunch of party goers.

So, you need to move fast.....he's about to go global.  Check out Vince Freeman now......before The Voice 'goes to his head' and he's never available for wedding gigs ever again!

11 Mar 2012

Winter Wedding Photographer in Tetbury

It's interesting to find out why clients choose a wedding photographer and speaking with Purusha she informed me she searched for "winter wedding photographer in Tetbury".  Why 'winter' I asked?  Well apparently "it's a fine skill to be a winter wedding photographer" compared to just taking snaps at those summer weddings ;-)  or so I was informed.

Now whilst I say that slightly tongue in cheek, it is actually somewhat true.  Winter weddings are definitely full of different challenges to summer ones.  You have a very different quality of light, you have shorter days and the opportunity to drink champagne on the lawn doesn't often materialise.  It's not the latter that concerns me so, it's the quality of light and the requirement to look for good light.  (and no....I don't mean turn the light switch on.....I'm a photographer and I'm getting all arty here - just go with it!)

Seeing light is an art in itself, let alone concerning ones self with all the buttons on a camera.  In fact I'll often tell clients what you pay a good quality professional photographer for is not an album, not pretty packaging, but for the use of their eyes for the duration of your wedding.  Simply put, I see stuff that most people don't....and can't!  Call it documentary wedding photography, observational wedding photography, reportage or whatever....it doesn't need a label, the images should hopefully speak for themselves and if they resonate with you then I'm the right photographer for you - werd!

James & Purusha got married near Tetbury, Wiltshire in a village called Sherston at the Church of Holy Cross.  Do I need to tell you it was a cracking day weather wise?  Yep....blue sky, slight threat of a shower (my perfect combo for a lively wedding day) and a reasonable degree of warmth for a March wedding date.

The boys started early with a pub lunch at the Rattlebone Inn......once they'd got through the long 'to do' list.

I'd be smiling if I were the groom too - he got off lightly 'just getting married'.  The others had more to do than a day in the office.

Meanwhile the ladies (who I'd assumed would be pampering themselves) were sorting out last minute details in the weding marquee....and the slightly more concerning issue of power faliure :-( 

Every wedding needs cute bridesmaids & paige boys huh?  Cue these two.

Okay........the electrician is on site....now get some make-up on.

There's more round the corner folks - to keep on reading click 'READ MORE' on the left hand side.

8 Mar 2012

Kingscote Barn Open Day

Kingscote Barn Open Day is nearly upon us!  Get your diaries out and get the date booked in for Sunday 25th March 2012 (11:30am - 4pm with free admission).  

 Should you wish to say hello I'll be there in the Reception Room ready to chat about your wedding photography needs.

I'm pleased to be a recommended photographer at Kingscote Barn so even if you don't get to make it on the day, you can see my sample albums whilst having a venue viewing. Just ask Rachel, Kelly or Laura who I'm sure will be more than accommodating! :-)

If you wish to see a few of my recent weddings from Kingscote Barn take a look at the links below.

Taken back in 2010 this is an early spring Wedding slideshow Kingscote Barn

Winter Wedding at Kingscote Barn with a great selection of photos in the new onsite accommodation

A typical Cotswold wedding with Military theme at Kingscote Barn

A winter wedding and my first time inside the Kingscote Barn wedding accommodation

An autumn church wedding followed by a reception and possibly the funniest 
wedding speeches at Kingscote Barn I've heard in a long time.

Church wedding followed by a little bit of magic at Kingscote Barn

A perfect summers day for a purple theme wedding at Kingscote Barn

Spring wedding at Kingscote Barn again taken on the same perfect weekend in April with the beautiful oilseed rape out on the top field.  (Let's hope Richard has planted some again this year!)

Spring wedding at Kingscote Barn where the photo above was taken.

To view a complete collection of Kingscote Barn weddings, please visit my new website www.mattdavisphotography.co.uk

6 Mar 2012

Wiltshire Wedding Photographer

Last weekend I put my Wiltshire Wedding photographer hat on and cruised across the county to Malmesbury for a super duper 'low light' country wedding in the heart of the Cotswolds.

I bring you.....James & Purusha.  Well shortly I will, but first here's a teaser......its a fantastic wedding so make sure you check back shortly for the full wedding details.

Taken at the Church of Holy Cross, Sherston.  Near Malmesbury.

If you're looking for a Wiltshire Wedding Photographer for your country wedding (theirs was in fact a Marquee in the garden) then do give me a call. I have many examples of Wiltshire Wedding Photography on my blog.

21 Feb 2012

A weekend in Appledore, Devon

Last weekend we paid a visit to Ali's sister's home in Devon.  Our kids got to see their cousins and I got to go to the beach - wahoooooooooo!    However, I didn't take any photos at the beach, instead I enjoyed the moment......walking in the water with my kids, fishing in the rock pools and running in the dunes.

Sometimes you have to leave your camera behind and just enjoy the now.

Barney is a puzzle master.  He's currently on the 3-6 year old puzzles, which isn't bad for a boy who's only just turned three.

'High Five' anyone who's completed a puzzle!

You're lucky this photo in no way conveys sound - OMG....not for the faint hearted or those who don't have kids!  Certainly not a relaxing Sunday morning with coffee & the newspaper (or is it an ipad now for news catch-up?)

The newest addition to Aunty Charlie's household - Libby 9 months.

It looks so serene in black & white.

Barney is fast becoming a good photographer himself too.

The quay view from Appledore.

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