2 Apr 2012

Vince Freeman - The Voice

Okay, so this 'almost' has nothing to do with weddings, yet also has everything to do with weddings.

Why you may ask?  Well, if you've been watching BBC1's The Voice, then I'll let you into a little secret.  Did you think Vince Freeman (the guy with bare feet) was good?  Sure you did!  Well so did I, six years ago when I saw him play in a pub, then booked him to play at my wedding!  

I'm occasionally asked to recommend a good band, well here is my recommendation - Vince Freeman.  Not only did he play at my wedding many moons ago, but also at the wedding I photographed in Tuscany last May.  He's equally at home with acoustic numbers whilst you sip champagne in the olive grove.......

......as he is ripping it up with 'Sex On Fire' at midnight to a bunch of party goers.

So, you need to move fast.....he's about to go global.  Check out Vince Freeman now......before The Voice 'goes to his head' and he's never available for wedding gigs ever again!

1 comment:

  1. LOVE it!!!

    He is IMMENSE!!! x


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