1 Feb 2008

The Martells - Portrait Session 30th Jan '08

This week I had the pleasure of photographing the Martells, whom Charles is well know in the cheese world for making Stinking Bishop. A name you may have heard of as it was more recently made famous in the Wallace and Grommet film
The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Here are just a few from the selection taken.


29 Jan 2008

Wedding canvas prints

It's sweet to see your beautiful photos presented well, and the option of a canvas makes a great choice. Amy and Gavin chose this photo to have printed 75cm x 45cm and it looks super. Here it is up on my wall, before they come and collect it this evening.

(Above) the b&w canvas, (below) the original photo the crop was taken from.

27 Jan 2008

Project sky

What a fab day it's been today... I believe the term the weather man used in fact was 'spring like'. I watched a great sunset as I drove along the M4, but there was little chance of me actually stopping to take a photo. Still, it wouldn't have fitted in 'Project Sky' had I not have taken it from my bedroom window anyway.

None the less, I remembered these I took yesterday and interestingly (or so I think) look how it changes just 30mins later from the earlier photo. Cool huh?

6.10pm Sat 26th Jan 08

6.40pm Sat 26th Jan 08

We've been to see the queen
(well, just to Windsor actually.... Liz wasn't in!)

It's nice to catch up with friends so today the Davis' had a trip to Windsor for some social time with my old mate Dix, his wife Gillian and their new addition to the family. We hadn't seen Fin as yet (although plenty of photos) so it was great to meet him in person, and of course I took some photos.

Dix (or Nick as he's correctly known) is surprisingly photogenic. This was a sweet little grab shot on the move as we walked around Windsor. The ladies (& Fin) 'bugabood' behind.

Fin is often having his photo taken and has adopted the typical 'grab that camera' style I see so often.

Ok, so a cute shot, or two, of Daisy just have to sneak in.

It's amazing how quickly time moves on from our younger, care free days. Almost 3 years ago to the day, Nick & I were knee deep in fresh powder in the Alps, talking sex, surf and sand...... ohh how times change.

Some things never change though.. I was still taking photos!

Daddy, Mummy, Daisy & Bunny

Daisy has four favourite things in this world... mummy, daddy and two (yes two), bunnies. At times they're inseparable and have simply the wettest, over sucked ears, you can imagine. Indeed they should probably come with a health warning, so should you meet Daisy's bunnies ever, take my advice and DO NOT TOUCH them.

Here we are, enjoying a Saturday afternoon on the sofa - yes... all four of us!

Ohh perhaps I didn't actually make it clear -they're not real bunnies.... but you've gathered that now right?

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