16 May 2008

Steve & Jenn's 20's Wedding - 10th May 2008 - Great Tythe Barn, Tetbury

Last weekends wedding was a brilliant day as the whole affair had a 20's theme. Steve & Jenn had done a fantastic job of staging the venue, including getting the guests to dress the part as well as wearing authentic outfits themselves.

I actually went to school with Steve's sister (Helen) and was taught by his mum (Ann), so it was a fun time seeing old friends who I'd not caught up with since the last 'school friends' wedding..... a couple of years back.

So without any more waffle from me here are a few of my favs, including a little bit of Photoshop hokey poky to give some shots a vintage look to suit the occasion.

I don't often put detail shots on my blog, but this shot of Jenn's shoes has such sweet light and tones I just had to include it. It was a no faffing shot as the shoes were just left here....I especially like the fact they're unbuckled.

All the guests also dressed with a 20's sense of style too and I love this shot of the girlie line up.

Steve's dads car was an essential part of the day and became a center piece for many of the photos. He'd restored this over several years (I believe) and was the inspiration behind the 20's theme.

Ahh here we go - above and below are the 'Matt Davis' 20's effect!

This photo above took a few attempts to capture. I appreciate it must seem funny for guests as I follow them about checking out their footwear, however, I was pleased with the result when finally all the elements fell into place.

Steve tells a good story and his speech was superb - especially the mannerisms that went with it.

Above & below have been given a 'vintage' look to suit the 20's theme. It's almost a sepia tone, but with a gentle hint of colour. I'm loving the photo below - it's so sweet.

Boogie on down ladies - a little practice ahead of the nights main event.

12 May 2008

Matt & Katharine's Wedding - 4th May 2008 - Friars Court

Matt & KK's wedding was set to be part two of a double weekender and unfortunately the weather hadn't looked too promising the day before, nor that morning. None the less, the wedding was a super affair, if not slightly changed from the original plan of an outdoor ceremony.

Matt is a great guy and clearly well in touch with his feminine side showing plenty of emotion during the day.

Here are just a few of my favs.

Uh ohh..... here we go!

Katharine is just the cutest girl, looks absolutely stunning and was a joy to photograph. How could I possibly take a bad photo? Sometimes my job is made for me.

Ahh RAIN. So there was a little dusting, but thankfully we'd squeezed in a few outdoor shots and it was time to move inside anyway.

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