29 Mar 2011

Clearwell Castle wedding photos

Having shot this wonderful wedding at Clearwell Castle earlier in the year, I thought it would be good to have a winter wedding slideshow to show brides what's possible with wedding photography out of season.

Weddings in November, January, February and March are certainly more popular than ever before - perhaps it's the great deals offered by wedding venues, or the desire to have a slightly different wedding to the typical summer affair.   Well, they certainly have a new set of challenges compared to the hotter times of year, but I guess with the british weather as it is, no one can guarantee perfect weather on their wedding day, so why rely on the British summer?

Anyhow, here is a short slideshow from a winter wedding at Clearwell Castle.

28 Mar 2011

Park life

We appear to spend quite a bit of time at the park these days.......yet more photos of the kids!

Barnaby has a great approach to protesting against something he doesn't want to do.  Not your usual toddler tantrums with screaming and rolling around moaning, ohh no.... he simply lies down.  At this point he has not fallen from the three wheeled mode of transport, but doesn't want to go home, so dismounted and led on the ground.  

Somewhat annoyingly, the classic parent one liner of "ok, I'll leave you there then" (and slowly walking off) has NO effect whatsoever.  In fact Daisy breaks first and starts crying worrying about leaving him behind!

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