22 Dec 2010

Winter wonderland wedding Dumbleton Hall

This weekends wedding wasn't my norm, after some unprecedented snowfall in the Cotswolds, the wedding venue of Dumbleton Hall was the picture perfect winter wedding wonderland.

I'm sure most brides who have planned a winter wedding have that underlying wish for some snow on their big day.  Well.......this was it!

A full post will follow shortly but as a pre christmas taster here are a few photos from the snowy wedding of Simon and Elizabeth at Dumbleton Hall.

Christmas preparations at the Davis'

In amongst a few winter weddings I finally found time to take a family photo - something I've been meaning to do for ages.  You know....one of us ALL together.  Not just Daisy, Barnaby or Ali, but a nice informal shot of us all.
However, this is harder than you may think, not only logistically setting up the shot, but then actually taking a photo at the right time.  Kids also have no understanding of looking in the direction of a camera and tripod with no operator!

We also got our Christmas box out to decorate the tree, which the children love doing.  Well, Daisy likes decorating the tree, Barney prefers to play in the Christmas box itself.

Apparently he was 'sleeping'.

Where Daisy leads, Barney soon follows.

Just imagine you got one of these in your stocking for Christmas....yikes.

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