28 Aug 2011

Berkeley Castle Wedding Photographer

Berkeley Castle Wedding Photographer - James & Katie - 13th August 2011

A few photos from the wedding day.....

Katie's hairdresser was also a friend attending the wedding.  How jolly handy.  The morning preps were great fun as a result, just like hanging out with your mates.

This room at Tortworth Court had great light for photography too.

Inside St Mary's Church in Berkeley is a pretty dark place.  Super size window at the end.....but not much light otherwise.

Yep, that'll be the wrong entrance to the church that everyone is heading for.  Ahh, wedding logistics -  sometimes it's the simple things that catch you out on the day.

The vicar at Berkeley Church is a great guy and allowed discrete photography during the ceremony.

Love this photo of the little bridesmaid.

Friends of the couple sang during the signing of the register.  And may I say, it was very good too.

It's not a long walk from St Mary's church to Berkeley Castle.....in fact you could probably count it in steps......I'd guess at around 30.

Reception drinks were held on the terrace at Berkeley Castle.  A beautiful spot, great view, but a tad windy at times!  Hold onto your hats.


It's brilliant how a baby can capture the attention of two adults with a simple point.

Windy huh?

I went all classical with the photography this weekend.  
Berkeley Castle (tick) - Back of Wedding Dress (tick) - Black & White (tick)

Funny, but you probably had to be there :-)

The view inside Berkeley Castle from a speakers perspective.

* Chink *

I love capturing the subtle moments that would otherwise go unnoticed.  James and katie were not an overtly affectionate couple, so these little moments tell more than most.  Read about his observational approach to my documentary wedding photography on my new website.

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  1. The one thing that comes across in all of these fabulous photographs is fun, a fun occasion for all concerned. I especially liked the picture of the little girl with her tongue reaching out for the orange juice in the glass, a magic picture amongst many magic pictures. I take photographs but these are superb examples of how all weddings should be portrayed. Love it.


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