28 Sep 2011

Wedding photos Birtsmorton Court Worcestershire

This weeks wedding photos are from Birtsmorton Court in Worcestershire, where Duncan and Sam enjoyed a wedding day with some super sunshine and a super thunderstorm.  Ohh yeah....it's Autumn!

Chris Fordham 'The Hairdresser' - making all the ladies smile......or are the chocking on hairspray?   (www.fhdmobile.co.uk)

I've not seen 'bow maing' before at a wedding.  Apparently you wrap it around your arm lots, nip a little bit out on either side, then tie some more ribbon around it & separate all the parts to create a beautiful bow ready for the wedding car.  Every day is a school day, and from this wedding I learnt something new.  More photos of the full operation over on my FB page.

Duncan bought Sam a little wedding gift to unwrap in the morning.  BUT....and this was the best bit, he put it in an oversized bag and also wrapped up a few weights to put her of the scent.    Genius and it worked a treat.

Birtsmorton church.

Kids and weddings.  Hey, who'd have 'em?  I'm thinking this little bridesmaid clearly hadn't read the rules on wedding day etiquette.  Mind you neither had the other flower girl who fell into a puddle before they'd even got to the church....but that's another story! :-)

So, sometimes as a photographer you aren't allowed to take photos from the front of the church.  Well.....this is the view when you aren't allowed up front - at least until the bridal party sat down - phew!

Sam's sister snag during the signing of the register - and may I add.....she was VERY good.  Clearly.......the little bridesmaid even came up for a closer listen!

Despite a fantastic start to the drinks reception weather, it suddenly chucked it down with rain.....meaning guests didn't get chance to enjoy the 'White Garden' at Birtsmorton Court.  Thankfully when it brightened up again later I got a few shots for prosperity!

A or B?  It's sooooo hard to choose!  Golden light, beautifully rim lit couple, backlit wedding veil - ahhhh....photographer heaven. 

Hey up - more back lit wedding couples....this time on the dance floor though!  Sam's sister sang again at this point....hence looking as if she's hanging around on the dance floor with a mic in her hand.

And what better way to round of your wedding day than some fireworks across the Moat surrounding Birtsmorton Court.  The guy standing at the center of all those fireworks best be careful though!?

I now have a new website with more Birtsmorton Court weddings, please take a look.

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