30 Nov 2010

November - The 'in between' month

It's not autumn really and we've got 24 days to go until Christmas.  This means we've finally got through the month of November.....phew!  

Entertaining kids at this time of year isn't quite as simple as sending them out into the garden to run off some steam, and when Barney got sent home from Nursery for looking "under the weather" my ideas of getting on with some work soon went out the window.

Pipe cleaners were a big hit with Daisy and although we made Barney a cool pair of glasses too, he'd had enough by the time I grabbed my camera and thrown them down in a strop!

If you've not got pipe cleaners then this set-up is usually at hand in most homes (two chairs and a broom)....aka Limbo!  It helps if you're only 3ft tall, although it may make a great after dinner game next time we have a dinner party!

Finally, if all else fails revert to television viewing from the beanbag & sofa!  
Note: I'm sure Barney doesn't look all that "under the weather" now?

29 Nov 2010

Matara Winter Wedding Photos - Gloucestershire

Alistair and Bryonie - Matara winter wedding - November 20th 2010

A few days prior to this super cold snap of weather, (when it was a toastie 5 or 6 degrees, not -4 like now) I was at Matara for a winter wedding..........with an outdoor ceremony - yikes!

It was a shorter wedding than some (as I didn't cover bridal preps) although had some of Matara's 'quirkier' trademarks, with tree planting, ribbon tying and walking around in circles for good luck!?!

Alistair and Bryonie also have a little baby (Noah - 4 months old), who I'm sure enjoyed the ceremony from the comfort of his warm buggy and getting right in on the action during speeches too.

Although 'technically' I didn't cover bridal preps, I did pop my head round the corner to say hi as I hadn't met Bryonie prior to the wedding day.  A couple of frames had to be taken therefore, especially with Bryonies sister providing some fine facial expressions!

Ready and waiting....the setting for an outdoor ceremony at Matara.

Arrival of the bride into the ornamental gardens.

Gloucestershire registrars allowed some photography, but only from a far.  This did limit my options on viewpoints somewhat with the large pond in the way!

Hey up.....here's Noah, joining in the drinks reception.

After a few swift drinks, it was wellies on and off outside for tree planting, ribbon tying and walking round a ring of stones.

I don't think I've ever seen so many wedding guests in wellies.

A few stragglers to the tree planting party.....clearly distracted by the open bar.

Inside at Matara they have a new addition (since my last visit anyhow) - a curtain of sparkly lights.

Milk for Noah, Champagne for the grown ups.

A quick lesson in sex education from the best men.....if not a little too late.

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