30 Nov 2010

November - The 'in between' month

It's not autumn really and we've got 24 days to go until Christmas.  This means we've finally got through the month of November.....phew!  

Entertaining kids at this time of year isn't quite as simple as sending them out into the garden to run off some steam, and when Barney got sent home from Nursery for looking "under the weather" my ideas of getting on with some work soon went out the window.

Pipe cleaners were a big hit with Daisy and although we made Barney a cool pair of glasses too, he'd had enough by the time I grabbed my camera and thrown them down in a strop!

If you've not got pipe cleaners then this set-up is usually at hand in most homes (two chairs and a broom)....aka Limbo!  It helps if you're only 3ft tall, although it may make a great after dinner game next time we have a dinner party!

Finally, if all else fails revert to television viewing from the beanbag & sofa!  
Note: I'm sure Barney doesn't look all that "under the weather" now?


  1. Can't believe you've got your Christmas decs up already Mr D...not before 1st December...that's the rule!!!!

  2. Not exactly Christmas decs, just the fancy Davis advent calender & a few sparkly lights for added flavour.


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