29 Nov 2008

Portrait Photography Oxfordshire - Alfie sneak Peak

I've had a great day today photographing some little ones for a change. Lately the predominance has been family portraits with older kids, so it was fun to photograph some babies, well kinda toddlers....ok 7 month olds.

Anyway, little Alfie (below) is the pride and joy of Matt & Sam, who's wedding I photographed back in 2007. It was great to see them again and I felt right at home, but this time on their patch.

So, here's a sneak peak from the shoot which I still have to process - these however jumped out as a smashers which I just had to post!

Today's quote

With 2008 fast coming to a close I've been having an end of season (well nearly end of season) tidy up. However, rather than doing the essentials like updating my website, considering an all new marketing strategy, I inevitably end up looking through thousands of photos instead.

It does have a purpose though; to select just a few favourite photos from the massive pool of over 10,000 from this year alone. Anyway that'll be a post for another day, but in the meantime I came across this quote which sums up the way I look at photography.


This is so true, no matter how good a photographer you are, as no sooner have you taken a great photo, a better one is on the horizon yet to be realised. That's why photography is such an addiction......and I'm typing this at midnight! :-)

28 Nov 2008

Davis family photos

We had a visit today from Grandad, which is always fun for Daisy as he usually brings her a good selection of new toys for entertainment . Better still Ali got flowers and I had chocolate too this time which is always a bonus - thanks Grandad.

Grandad was keen to have a family photograph so being as that's my line of business I figured I really should oblige - problem is, it's hard to take photos and be in them. Never the less, I set up some tripod trickery and shot away a few self timers, which are pretty hit and miss at best. Still, a few frames later and we had a couple of usable shots in the bag - which meant I'd also finally got around to taking a recent photo of Daisy, Ali & I, which is something that's always overlooked in this household.

23 Nov 2008

Daddy's little bouncer

I can't recall if I've blogged this subject before, but little Miss Daisy has one particular joy in her life when it comes to her bedroom and that is, bouncing on the bed. I'm guessing we probably all like bouncing on our beds, although I've stopped now since I tend to hit my head on the ceiling (ha), but wasn't it fun when you were little hey?

Anyway, I digress. It's a simple post this one....Daisy bouncing. Unfortunately camera focus and a randomly bouncing subject tend not to be best of friends - none the less I love the feel of these pics as she boings about at will.

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