23 Apr 2012

Wedding Photographer Chipping Campden

Last weekend I was in the heart of the Cotswolds, in the village of Chipping Campden for Jason & Monikas wedding.  Bridal preps were in the Kings Arms with the wedding ceremony being held at the St. Catherines Church, only a short walk along the high street.....perfect.

Proud Grandma looking on.

St Catherine's Church, Chipping Campden.

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My wife said to me today: "They look like they're sitting on the naughty spot".  Catholic weddings 'from what I've seen' tend to separate the bride and groom at the front.

This is a Polish wedding tradition where they throw money on the floor for the bride and groom to pick up.

Great light inside the church :-)

Some classic Cotswold Stone for a few couple portraits around Chipping Campden.

With a short amount of time to kill before heading off to the wedding reception in Mickleton, Jason & Monika stopped off for a coffee to warm up.  Not my typical wedding, but rather nice for a change.

There were plenty of beautiful vintage wedding decorations, with a wide variety of different flowers in pretty vases.

A simple, rustic room design for the wedding breakfast.

Cake cutting....

....cake eating :-)

The dance floor was areal hot spot at this wedding, plenty of action, some great music and a real cool vibe. 

A short break from the dance floor for a few wedding cigars.....boys will be boys ;-)

If you wish to see a few more photos from this wedding in Chipping Campden, then check out my Facebook page, 'Like it' and tag away at your friends.  mattdavisphoto


  1. Hermosas las fotos y los modelos............. sin igual. Muchas bendiciones y Nuestros mejores deseos

  2. fotos muy bonitas, se ve hermosa novia y el novio

  3. Beautifull! as ever!
    But I have never seen the bride and groom seated separated in church at catholic weddings here in Holland! Looked a bit lonely at such an importand day....


  4. this wedding looks like it was great fun, i have not been to St. Catherines Church. i think i will have to ammend that soon. You have taken some wonderful pictures and really captured the spirit of the wedding. nice one!


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