18 Apr 2008

Nick & Nikki's wedding - 12th April '08 - St Mary Church, Salford / Lygon Arms, Broadway

Sat 12th was a stunning day for Nick & Nikki's wedding, maybe not the hottest April, but the clouds blowing through were amazing.

I really like this photo above. I'd shot some 'typical' photos as Nikki walked in with dad, but decided in a moment of spontaneity to shoot through the congregation and got this terrific photo with beautiful rim light highlighting Nikkis face. Her expression is priceless as she see Nick for the first time, the slight tilt says it all - super cute.

Space was tight at the Lygon Arms for a large group photo, but this vantage point was just enough - once I'd finally got everyone to squeeze up nice and tight. We're all so British with our attitude to invasion of private space, but sometimes you just have to huddle up like sheep!

14 Apr 2008

Kisses for me - yum.

It's a strange world working for yourself - some days are HIGHS and some days are LOWS, neither of which I usually have anyone to share with (that's because I work by myself.... one day I'll grow the empire though hey!) Extra note: my wife has just put me straight that I do actually share most with her!

I must confess, I often beat myself up about needing to take better pictures, as when I look at aspirational photographers work, I realise that's where I want to be. I'm sure it's the same with any creative pursuit - or sporting for that matter, in that there is always someone who pushes the boundaries that little further and to stay in touch you need to raise your game too.

Anyway, I've digressed as usual, but my point was; for each of the little lows there are sweet highs and this email from Kelsey (a recent bride) was just that pick me up we all so often need. I personally liked the kisses the most!

MATTHEW DAVIS................................ they're AMAZING ................... you legend......................... love them totally and utterly totally and utterly and totally and utterly. so more........................................ cant write any more cause have to keep looking at them xxx

Cheers Kelsey, you're my little ray of sunshine, glad to be of service.

13 Apr 2008

Acrylic prints... ummm tasty.

Today I took round Andy's birthday present which was this sleek looking Acrylic print. We took the photos on a glorious day in February and now the 3D block (as it's called) will become pride of place in their lounge.

Mr freckle and the Polaroid

It was muddy out today on my bike - can you tell? I'm thinking freckles could work for me....

Time for some photoshop hokey dokey - looks like a Polaroid huh... WOW! Remember them - brilliant cameras.

I didn't actually have one, instead I used my mums little Instamatic thing as a kid. I was only joking last week about those flash cubes you mounted on the top, each with 4 shots. You had to be so sparing in your usage it was untrue. "Is this photo opportunity 'really' worth using one?" I was always asking myself?

Here's the little puppy; cheers Google images, what would I do without you?

Right, I'm off to look through some old photos now as it's made me all nostalgic.

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