18 Apr 2008

Nick & Nikki's wedding - 12th April '08 - St Mary Church, Salford / Lygon Arms, Broadway

Sat 12th was a stunning day for Nick & Nikki's wedding, maybe not the hottest April, but the clouds blowing through were amazing.

I really like this photo above. I'd shot some 'typical' photos as Nikki walked in with dad, but decided in a moment of spontaneity to shoot through the congregation and got this terrific photo with beautiful rim light highlighting Nikkis face. Her expression is priceless as she see Nick for the first time, the slight tilt says it all - super cute.

Space was tight at the Lygon Arms for a large group photo, but this vantage point was just enough - once I'd finally got everyone to squeeze up nice and tight. We're all so British with our attitude to invasion of private space, but sometimes you just have to huddle up like sheep!

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