6 Aug 2008

TV, chocolates and a laptop for company

Tonight I had great plans to get some exercise and go out for a bike ride, however rain soon put a dampener on that idea! Instead I appear to be sitting in watching 'Dangerous Jobs For Girls' with a tin of chocolates and a laptop for company.

With the Internet as my friend I soon made this great discovery though........ Wordle. What you ask? Well let me enlighten you. Click here to check it out.

It's a tecchie designed website that basically takes a load of words from your blog and muddles them about to form one of these word clouds (as they are called). Here's the one it generated from my blog - cool huh?

I'm not too sure of it's purpose; maybe a T'Shirt print or mouse mat would look good - who knows, we'll have to wait and see.

And just for you Amy, I got one made up from your wedding blog too - sweet.

4 Aug 2008

It's my birthday....

....or at least it was last Friday, and today my family popped over to say hi with some pressies. Daisy however was of the understanding everyone had come to see her. I simply agreed and spent some time with the little one's (Daisy & her cousins) at the park. It gave me an excuse to take some photos with my new lens too.

Eva had packed Daisy a rucksack with 'Patrick'. This isn't a look she normally sports but was more that happy to wear it all day. In fact there were tears when it came to taking it off at bedtime.

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