15 Jan 2011

Winter wedding slideshow Dumbleton Hall, Worcestershire

I recently posted some photos from the winter wedding of Simon and Elizabeth at Dumbleton Hall and have decided it really must have a slideshow to accompany it.

So with no further ado, please enjoy the beautiful wedding photos from their Christmas winter wedding.

14 Jan 2011

Family portraits Cirencester, Gloucestershire

A weekend without any weddings meant I had chance to get out and take some family portraits around Cirencester this weekend.  James and Carrie are wedding clients from way back in early 2008 (which is almost three years now!) who now have a new addition to their family of 15 month old Millie.

We strolled around Cirencester Park and hit the kiddies play area for a few shots.

Pee-poo with Piglet is a great game for a young toddler.

Cirencester has some lovely little backstreets, ideal to safely leave Millie toddling around whilst I got some natural portraits.

This is one of my favourite photos from the day.  Oddly enough we'd just been to the Cafe and this was in fact taken afterwards. 

Taking photos of children (especially fairly young ones) requires some patience as they don't really understand what's going on.  It soon became clear though, Millie definitely found the concept of me lying on the floor pretty entertaining and it generated smiles like there was no tomorrow.

Just look how little her hands are! 

Crickley Hill, Cheltenham - Family walk

A super day of sunshine meant only one thing this Sunday - a stroll out with my family, followed by a great lunch upon our return.  

Crickley Hill is just on our doorstep so we wrapped up warm and headed off out for an hour whilst dinner cooked itself in the oven (albeit with some prior preparation by my wife first).

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