18 Jun 2011

Cheltenham Wedding Photographer

This week I was a Wedding Photographer on my home turf in Cheltenham.  Well, I say wedding photographer but in this instance I didn't actually witness the wedding ceremony itself, nor meet any guests. It was in fact just a couple portrait session.  I often shoot documentary wedding photography, but today this wasn't going to be the case.

Michel and Nicole got married in the registry office in Cheltenham, then planned to dine with a few guests in the evening at The Montpellier Chapter.

I was drafted in to take some beautiful couple photos to remember the day and show friends and relatives who live overseas.

Having a couple of hours to take photos, (rather than a few minutes) is quite a difference to your typical wedding day photo shoot.  We had plenty of opportunities to explore Cheltenham, shoot inside and out, plus nail some great veil shots.

It has to be said, taking photos of Nicole wasn't exactly hard - how beautiful?  Is it the Ozzie genes?  

I love this shot above.  Possibly one of my favourites from the indoor photos.

First dance.  Well strictly speaking there wasn't a first dance, so something impromptu in the hall way of Montpellier Chapter will suffice!

A couple of natural light indoor portraits.

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16 Jun 2011

Tonight's sunset

It may have been an odd day weather wise, but you know what........it produced a great sunset this evening.  

14 Jun 2011

Wedding Photographer Tuscany - Part 2

Part two of the wedding photos from Darren & Suzannes wedding in Tuscany.

A few couple portraits, fantastic speeches, fine food and dirty dancing.  What more could you ask for?

Lovely spot for a sensual wedding portrait huh?  If only I hadn't got half a dozen wedding guests sat behind me entertaining the couple in their own special way :-)  It was very funny though.

A short relax before the speeches and dinner.

Apparently cutting corks to make table decorations can give blisters, so be warned.  These super cute bird seed heart details were also made by Suzi.  A labour of love.

Suzanne's mum made the first speech, leaving most guests with a moist eye I'm sure.  Very beautiful.

Looking for stag weekend ideas?  Look no further than a day out at the races with the groom dresses in pink.  This 'humiliation' did somewhat backfire though as it got the groom A LOT of complementary attention from the ladies.

The wedding 'meal' (as it certainly wasn't a wedding breakfast), couldn't have been in a more picturesque setting.  The warm evenings in Tuscany were perfect for sitting out to dine.

An impromptu first dance - now that's how they should be.  Less hype, more fun!

Why use the floor when there are chairs to dance on?

"Voice of an Angel".....or so Suzanne believed after a few Prosecco's.

It's defiantly for the best that photographic coverage stopped at about this point!

Anyone looking for a destination wedding photographer drop me a line or visit my website (www.mattdavisphotography.net) for further information.

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