14 Jun 2011

Cotswold Wedding - Manor House Hotel, Moreton-In-Marsh

Neil and Jo's wedding was my first wedding of June, since having recently got back from Tuscany.  Without the hot Italian climate behind me, I soon slipped back to my usual British ways and brought up the subject of weather when speaking with Jo on the phone prior to her wedding day.  "Was I going to get another tan.....or more importantly was it going to stay dry for her wedding day?"  It certainly looked questionable, I even packed umbrellas and a waterproof jacket just in case.

Right, on with a few photos........but if you wish to see 'yet' more go visit my Facebook Page for a few extras. (don't forget to tag away too - everyone needs to see the funny face of Neil - spread the word!)

This was the scene over Jo's parents house when I arrived in the morning....ummmm, I reckon it may just rain shortly :-(

The famous hands of Clare 'the make-up lady'. (www.purepampering.co.uk)  At which point I should also add the hair was done by Clares handsome sidekick Chris Fordham (www.fhdmobile.co.uk). 
Anyone who's not met these two I'll let you into a secret.  No they're not a couple, but do work together.  I know.......what a secret huh!?  BUT, that's not all.  They can sometimes been seen out lunching together too......yeah I know - scandal huh!  So, spread some rumors, we love a good gossip!

THE wedding dress.  No idea who it was by, sorry folks, I really must hot up on my research.  
(Jo - pop it in the comments section at the bottom if you would?)

"Awwwwww....you loooooooook soooooooo boooooootiful"

It would have been wrong to include only one photo of these two.....so on this occasion I've over indulged and allowed four.  Love the last one in the series - the 'ohhhh' face says it all.

Bracelets for the bridesmaids......

"Low Ten..... that was an excellent execution of putting on a bracelet"

Three bridesmaids to assist 'getting in the dress'.  Two good handfuls to ensure nothing falls out the dress!

On to the wedding at Manor House Hotel, Moreton-In-Marsh.

Inside Manor House Hotel - set for the wedding ceremony.  And for those of you debating chair covers (as I know a lot of you do).....I reckon it looks best with them.

'Love' these wedding details.  Do you see what I did there - clever huh!?

Arriving for the ceremony 15mins early was possibly a little premature.  I know you need to be early to see the registrar but half the guests still hadn't arrived - doh!

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A touching moment from the Grooms mum......

.......followed by a silly face from the Groom (sorry I had to put this in....it made me smile!)

Cool wedding outfits from these two ladies.   I think colour coordinating with your friends should be a condition of coming to weddings.  Better still, I think 8 (that's right isn't it?) guests should all agree to combine outfits and cover all the colours of the rainbow.....now that'd make for a great group shot.

Wedding flowers were provided by Fiona Perry.  Pretty I thought.  Yes folks that is about as much as I know about flowers..... "pretty"!

I bumped into the gardener at this gate, when arriving at Manor House Hotel.  
He said "this is a popular spot for photos".  
Umm I replied (as I like to say umm a lot)...."why do you say that?"
"It's been used in one of the sample albums in the hotel"
"Ahhhh" I said, "That'll be my sample album then, and a photo from a previous wedding I've taken here" (best I look for some new ideas!)

Inside Manor House Hotel, set ready for the wedding breakfast.  I think candle arbors on wedding tables look great.  These were embellished with flowers too - provided by Fiona Perry.

A few wedding details - can you guess the colour theme?

This has to be one of my favourite shots from the wedding day.  The unused umbrella (phew) - well maybe used but as a wedding sword instead!

"I know it's not raining - amazing huh!"

"Where's Finley?" 
"Anyone seen Finley?"  
"There's a child around here somewhere,  anyone seen him?"

How cool is this wedding bunting.  "Mr & Mrs".  Nice wedding detail I'd not seen before....add it to the 'good idea' list.

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  1. What an amazing surprise to get these photos so soon! Wonderful to be able to look through them on our mini-moon in St Ives.
    Neil and I can't thank you enough Matt for these beautiful pictures, which capture our special day perfectly x
    P.s The dress is by Donna Salado from bridal shop Rosella in Cirencester


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