13 Jun 2011

Destination Wedding Photographer Tuscany | Coni di San Bonifacio (Part 1)

It's fantastic as a wedding photographer to shoot at new venues.....and they don't come much better than Conti di San Bonifacio in Tuscany, Italy.  A balmy 28-30 degrees, on a hillside wine resort with olive groves for a little dappled shade, super :-)

Darren and Suzanne had the most perfect spring wedding.....relaxed to the point of almost being horizontal.

With hundreds of photos from their wedding to show I'm going to make this a two part blog.....starting with preps and ceremony.

Great spot for a pool with view like that.  The hilltop wine resort of Conti di San Bonifacio

Wedding dress by Amanda Wakely.  Wedding shoes by.......well you'll have to guess - Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, Vivienne Westwood.....maybe?

Darren's sister had this lovely fascinator  for the wedding day.

Off to the little Church in Tatti, Tuscany.  Tucked away (hard to find), yet charming in an understated Italian way.

Grooms Mum & Dad.  'One' of my (many) favourite photos.

Cool hat for a wedding huh?

Those will be Olive Green Bridesmaid dresses then.  2011 - the year of green bridesmaid dresses and wedding themes!

The courtyard just outside the church with Italian locals watching on.

Apparently this is THE BEST wedding photo from the day - according to Suzi.

Mum came in all Rock Star on us! :-)

Not a dry eye in the place - well except for Suzi who found the whole day a laugh a minute!

Now here's an interesting idea for wedding ceremonies.  It's called 'warming of the rings'.  They're passed around the congregation before being handed back for the giving and receiving of rings by the wedding couple.  Cool idea, and a really nice touch to get your wedding guests involved.

Ahh this may need some explaining.  Well see the ipod, yeah.  Nigel started the exit music just a little too soon.  Classic....the face says it all.

Check out the bling.  Suzi is know for liking 'pork scratchings and Diamonds'.

Some locals watching on from their balconies and windows.

Is it me or does this wedding bouquet look heart shaped?

Click on the far left to 'READ MORE'

Drinks and nibbles were served in the Olive grove.....which had a remarkably steep bank to navigate - especially difficult for those in heels or Kev (who apparently had very slippy shoes!)

THE BEST WEDDING DETAILS EVER.  And I've been to a few weddings.  These cards were hung around the olive grove with one for each guests.  Darren and Suzi had written something quirky (or perhaps embarrassing, (like being a wet T-Shirt competition winner - well done Liz!) about each guests combined with a personalised photo.  (Top left is the other love in Suzi's life - her dog)

Vince Freeman (award winning singer songwriter) provided the music.  Why is this cool you ask?  Well he played at my wedding.....so if you want to know the best music for a wedding, well Vince is your man.  He also gets the award for most problematic journey to the venue, having to travel from Germany (where he is on tour) via a plethora of cancelled flights into Italy.

Food in Italy is a big part of the wedding day.  These details were quirky and functional....although most guests preferred the Prosecco to the Prosciutto :-)

Sheep skin covered hay bales - nice.

Anyone looking for a destination wedding photographer drop me a line or visit my website (www.mattdavisphotography.net) for further information.

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