9 Feb 2008

Todays favourite quote.....

Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties. --Erich Fromm

My beautiful wife (Bimpy)

The Pitchford's - Portrait Session 9th Feb '08

So here we are with part two from my three session weekend.

An absolute corker of a day... I didn't even need a jacket and it's Feb? Has global warming hit Cheltenham? I like it? More 4x4's & spray deodorant please (just kidding).

Anyway, here are a few of the photos from our fun outdoor session today. I even got to play in the kids den... how cool am I?


I c0uld have spent all day taking photos in this little den (as the kids called it). The light was amazing and it was clearly a favourite place to play & hang out.

Wacking a fence with a stick - ohh how simple life is when you're a kid. If only such pleasures translated to adults..... why do we have mortgages & stuff to think about, it's so not fair?

This is a cute picture. I can imagine I'd look at Daisy similarly when she's older. Sweet.
In fact I probably already do now, I just don't take photos of myself doing so!?!?!

8 Feb 2008

The Edgeworths - Portrait Session 8th Feb '08

I took some photos with this family just over a year ago and with a new addition I was back for more. This time in their new home... which was super.

It's set to be a busy weekend with three portrait session in the diary... thankfully the weather is set to be fine, so that's great news. Oddly enough they're all within 300 meters of each others homes too - how does that happen? Looks like I'll know 'The Park' area pretty well soon.


Little Joseph has gotten much more nimble than when I last saw him. He was such a cutie (if boys can be cute) playing in the shed and wearing his little hardhat.

George is just 11 weeks old, so not dashing about as yet. Wait till next year when I hook up again... I bet he'll have more of a spring in his stride then though.

Bubbles later became order of the day, which delighted mum as much as Joey.

6 Feb 2008

Jason & Karen's Wedding - 2nd Feb '08 - Friars Court, Clanfield

Karen was a cool customer, the kind that just goes with the flow... I like this! I hadn't met Jason before, but soon got the measure of him during the best mans speech which was very entertaining.

4.30pm is very late for a ceremony, especially in February, so light wasn't on my side. This however was soon overlooked when I found the superb marquee, which although dark, was very atmospheric - beautiful.

Here are a few of my favourites from the day.


Friars Court (above) well lit up and the beautiful marquee (below) pre party people.

Gill here was taking photos all night - she was great fun.

Dance floor lighting is somewhat hit and miss, as beams of light splash around all over the shop. When you hit it right though the results are real zippy!

I quite like this photo above (1) for the great light and (2) for the random guy walking past with a beer in his hand.

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