3 Jan 2011

Winter wedding photos Dumbleton Hall, Worcestershire

Simon and Elizabeth - 19th Dec 2010 - Dumbleton Hall

I've never shot a totally white winter wedding, maybe a flutter of snow, but this wedding was something all together more fairy tale.  Simon and Elizabeth are a lovely couple, very easy to photograph and truly amazing at hanging around in the snow for photos despite sub zero temperatures.  

The whole wedding was held at Dumbleton Hall in Worcestershire.  This did make it a little easier as at least there wasn't any driving between churches and reception venues.....phew!

I had to pop up a couple of teasers prior to Christmas (see this earlier Dumbleton Hall post), but here now we finally have a fuller collection (and yeah....it's probably too many but it's been hard to choose, so I just included LOADS!)

The sheep at Dumbleton Hall definitely in need of those thick wooly coats!

I'm not sure who this is doing Liz's wedding Make-up but t looked great.  Drop a comment at the bottom of the page if you know.

Liz had lots of bridesmaids - I think five in total.  All the girls had black bridesmaid dresses which looked great for the black tie wedding and perfect set against the snowfall.

Don't ask???

Two ushers, three pints?  Ummm?

Simon and his Best Man.  I must say, looking 'quite' serious.

Sometimes photos are just given to me as a gift.  What better way to show the super veil Liz had to accompany her wedding dress.

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