21 Feb 2012

A weekend in Appledore, Devon

Last weekend we paid a visit to Ali's sister's home in Devon.  Our kids got to see their cousins and I got to go to the beach - wahoooooooooo!    However, I didn't take any photos at the beach, instead I enjoyed the moment......walking in the water with my kids, fishing in the rock pools and running in the dunes.

Sometimes you have to leave your camera behind and just enjoy the now.

Barney is a puzzle master.  He's currently on the 3-6 year old puzzles, which isn't bad for a boy who's only just turned three.

'High Five' anyone who's completed a puzzle!

You're lucky this photo in no way conveys sound - OMG....not for the faint hearted or those who don't have kids!  Certainly not a relaxing Sunday morning with coffee & the newspaper (or is it an ipad now for news catch-up?)

The newest addition to Aunty Charlie's household - Libby 9 months.

It looks so serene in black & white.

Barney is fast becoming a good photographer himself too.

The quay view from Appledore.

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