25 Apr 2008

Wahoooooo........ the zoo

Last weekend we caught up with some old friends in Winchester which meant Daisy got to hang out with Freya for a few days - how cool's that (when your one).

It started off a little damp but running around the grave stones was still fun.

Daisy was in need of an upgrade from hoodie to waterproof jacket so as if by magic following Megs suggestion (cheers sweetie), my wife had us in a kiddies clothes shop which within 5 mins I was £20 down and Daisy kitted out in this super rain mac - how cute. (Ummmmm... for some reason she liked hugging this street post!?)

After a tiring day (mainly for the parents) it was soon bath & bed time for anyone under two. Daisy, who HATES having her hair washed, was strangely more than happy to pour water over Freya though... such a classic moment!

NEXT DAY we hit the ZOO. Now you'll probably notice the serious lack of animals in this post (well for a zoo post anyway) but don't worry, Daisy and Freya made up for it...well after they awoke form their snooze (phew, the parents got to take time out too!).

FACE PAINTING..... the phenomena that keeps toddlers still for more than 3 seconds. I'm gonna have to get me some of those paints!

"Ohh check me out... i'm a butterfly".

Watch out, here comes Freya The Tiger........ that sucks her thumb - umm maybe not so scary! Worry not, we have VERY SCARY Adrian instead. LOL.

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