13 Jan 2012

Photography Course in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

You own a camera (it's a good one right.....a digital SLR), but for some reason the photos that come out aren't quite as good as you'd like.  You hit Google and start searching for a photography evening class, but you soon realise they're not really your scene.  They're full of weirdos right, people who don't actually want to take better photos, but instead are looking to meet new friends, or photograph nude models ;-)   More like a social club, rather than a fast track way to teach you how to take better photos.

If that's you, then a Photography Course in Cheltenham (with the one and only Matt Davis Photography) may be just what you're looking for! :-)

If you're wondering what digital camera to buy next, which lens is right for you, or how professional photographers take such good photos (surely they have better light, prettier models, better cameras etc.)  well now's the time to find out.

I'll talk you through some photography basics, and walk you though some real shooting in a one-to-one photography class.  And when I say photography class, forget the days of a blackboard and you needing to keep notes, this is about spending time one-to-one (or up to a max of two participants) for an intense time, learning with an actual camera in your hand!

Last weekend I held a photography one to one session with Colin and his Father In Law.  This was taken before his 'lightbulb moment'.....back in the darker days when he used to look at the back of his camera and wonder what an earth was going on?!?!

Steve had bags of creative flair, but needed a little more 'technical know how'.  With a few helpful pointers and some understanding of the basic photography rules, I'm sure his sunset shots will now improve leaps and bounds.

So, you've got a dog (or any pet for that mater) and want to take better photos of them.  Look no further, photography master classes by me don't just mean people portraits, sunsets & landscapes.  Ohh no......welcome to the world of pets & wildlife photography (albeit my interpretation of what makes an interesting wildlife shot!)

Last but not least with any photography course, it's important to put into practice what you've been taught.  So if you're looking to improve your portraits, holiday snaps, or family photos then drop me a line for more details and get booked onto my Photography Course in Cheltenham.   

Places are limited to one or two participants per photography class, and can be half or full day sessions.  Tuition is suitable for complete beginners to more experienced hobbyists.  We all have varying degrees of ability, so tailoring the time spent with me is essential.  Don't be afraid therefore to ask a little more about what you're looking to achieve and I can build a photography class around your needs (whether it's technical know how, the art of taking better photos, or post processing and making your images look wow). 

If you are considering purchasing a Digital Camera I have for sale my used Canon 5D Mark II, so please take a look.

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