23 Aug 2007

Kelly, Andy, Cameron & Toby - Portrait Session 21st Aug '07

Kelly contacted me recently having had a referral from a previous client (thank you Victoria) and also being let down by another photographer. We arranged an evening appointment to suit their busy lifestyles and managed to squeeze in some great shots before the light faded and the boys had photo burn out!

Here's a few of my favs from the cracking set of photos produced.

If anyone is interested in a portrait session I charge a small sitting fee of £45, come to you for added convenience and leave you to select the prints you want - Kelly & Andy had 77 to choose from with a wide variety of shots.


Clive & Sarah's Wedding - 19th Aug '07 - Rococo Gardens, Painswick

With all the rain we had on Saturday, I was expecting a dry day for this wedding, but yet again our British summer failed to deliver and.... it rained! Not perfect for an outdoor wedding at Rococo Gardens but all the guests kept their chin up and the bride & groom enjoyed this small intimate occasion non the less.


Sarah loves her dog and a photo of the two of them together was a must have.

Clive & Sarah finished their day with some fine food at St. Michaels Restaurant in Painswick.

22 Aug 2007

Daisy's 1st Birthday

Daisy was 1 on Sat 18th Aug so I planned no weddings and instead enjoyed a 1st birthday party with 20 adults & 9 kids. After an exhausting day I soon realised...... weddings with 100+ guests are tiring, but 1st birthday parties are REALLY tiring!

Daisy had some great presents, but as with any one year old found the wrapping paper to be the best. Here are a few snaps as the day unfolded.

Ohh may I
also note, August is meant to be sunny and thus suitable for outdoor parties, BBQ's and/or weddings for that matter! However, rain put stop to this idea and instead we had to squeeze indoors - thank goodness for the kitchen extension!


Ohh the anticipation... what can it be... wahoooo, bath toys - "I'll put them in my mouth I think!"

Grandma made a fine chocolate cake (in the shape of a cat) and dairy free for Daisy........

........ and mummy made fairy cakes which went down very well too.

Granddad bought this fantastic trike & trailer. Maybe she can tow the cats round in there.... or all her new shoes now she can walk!

Most of her friends were pooped, as was daddy, but of course Daisy still had loads of energy left. Doh!

20 Aug 2007

John & Kirsty's Wedding - 11th Aug '07 - St Pauls Church, Broadwell

For anyone who's not been to Broadwell this is a picture perfect Costwold village, with a village green & local pub. John & Kirsty made use of these wonderful surroundings and had their wedding at the local church followed by a reception marquee in their parents garden - a large garden though hey! Perfect weather made the day a hottie to remember.


This NEEDS to be seen BIG. It's the brides arrival to the church across common grounds, such a superb arrival and not a car in sight. (I think she wore functional 'flat' shoes and then swapped them round the corner though - he hee!)

This (above) is my favourite photo from the wedding. All the guests walked from the church to the marquee and in this wonderful spot I captured the bride, groom and his parents as they passed through.

Blue skies all day - the prefect weather for this village wedding

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