20 Aug 2007

John & Kirsty's Wedding - 11th Aug '07 - St Pauls Church, Broadwell

For anyone who's not been to Broadwell this is a picture perfect Costwold village, with a village green & local pub. John & Kirsty made use of these wonderful surroundings and had their wedding at the local church followed by a reception marquee in their parents garden - a large garden though hey! Perfect weather made the day a hottie to remember.


This NEEDS to be seen BIG. It's the brides arrival to the church across common grounds, such a superb arrival and not a car in sight. (I think she wore functional 'flat' shoes and then swapped them round the corner though - he hee!)

This (above) is my favourite photo from the wedding. All the guests walked from the church to the marquee and in this wonderful spot I captured the bride, groom and his parents as they passed through.

Blue skies all day - the prefect weather for this village wedding

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