29 Dec 2007

Daisy Christmas

ohh to have a little helper when it comes to decorating the tree...... we were so pleased as Daisy managed to break two ballballs in as many minutes! She thought the Christmas box was so exciting though.... tee hee, how fun, didn't we all as kids?

Perhaps a little distraction in the kitchen baking ginger bread men will entertain her?

Daisy's Grandad came to play today so we hit the park on her new push along trike whilst mummy made some lovely lunch without her new found catering assistant.

It appears Daisy too has my desire to push the boundaries a little and preferred to stand on the seat rather than sit..... ummm... you'll fall off and break something Daisy (fine words from dad!).

Dec 12th sky - hot, hot, hot.

Just found this shot I took a couple of weeks back after a nice walk up the hill with my buddy Darren. I couldn't get home fast enough to shoot this as the colours change / disappear so quickly. Just about got it though... so here's another for my sky project.


23 Dec 2007

Leckhampton Hill - Downhill mountain biking 23rd Dec '07

Without wanting to bore you all, I hit Lecky Hill again today for a short session to refine my new found mtb'ing photography skills!

Ollie was today's main man, taking on whatever was thrown at him....... at high speed!

Here's just a couple of him, hopefully a little different from last weeks blog.


(Above) trying something different. Yeah it may not be a MASSIVE quarry jump, but Mr photographer likes it! Slave flash off to camera right (for anyone interested).

Above is a crop from the pic below. Nailing this type of shot is sometimes harder than it looks, so when I get sharpness like this and a cool expression I'm stoaked!

I'd better put a pic of the 'quarry' jump in as all the boys like that!

16 Dec 2007

Leckhampton Hill - Downhill mountain biking 16th Dec '07

Man, it was chilly today, so foolishly I decided to go shoot some pics of a few local riders on Lecky hill.

Here are my favs.


These two shots are my favs. I've photographed Stu riding before, he's 'pretty good' shall we say! I just dig the scale in the shot below; detail at high res is awesome!

We named this guy (above) 'The Stig'

2 Dec 2007

The Deans - Portrait Session 1st Dec '07

The small world of Cheltenham today revealed The Deans are friends of a recent client and came to me on recommendation.... which is always nice to hear.

The weekend forecast wasn't great for photography, but we squeezed in some rather quick family shots in the garden before receding inside (as it started to rain) and got some individual photos of Lucus.


This is a great colour shot. I like to include kids toys in some shots when appropriate as it's a good reminder of what they enjoyed playing with during their developmental stages. Ohh yeah and of course because it made him smile too..... lets not forget the obvious!

I like this photo (above), it's possibly my favourite from the day.

It wasn't long before Lucus was tired and had to call it a day - time for a nap I think!

26 Nov 2007

The Harts - Portrait Session 14th Nov '07

Following the success of a recent set of photographs from Westfield Nursery, Ursula contacted me to photograph a family portrait with their new addition to the household.

If anyone is interested in a portrait session I charge a small sitting fee of £45, come to you for added convenience and leave you to select the prints you want. Gift vouchers are also available to suit all budgets.


Apparently only today had Henry discovered swinging between mum & dad..... as expected he therefore couldn't get enough of it!

This was the last smile of the day from Henry, who decided he'd had enough & was ready to go home (you can't argue with a two year old)....... chocolate buttons soon found him smiling again though!

13 Nov 2007

Lisa Welch-Grey & family - Portrait Session 11th Nov '07

Would you believe it, Mrs Grey was 60 this year (Happy belated Birthday by the way!) Lisa (her daughter) decided to record this memory with a portrait session for her parents and their extended family and bought a gift voucher back in..... wait for it........ January (yes, 11 months ago!)

Since then, the families have been doing what families do best.....reproducing. Lisa must have been thinking "get value for money, the more the merrier". I was therefore faced with three fine families that are the Grey / Welch-Grey clan for our shoot this weekend.

If anyone is interested in a portrait session I charge a small sitting fee of £45, come to you for added convenience and leave you to select the prints you want. Gift vouchers are also available to suit all budgets.

Here is a small mix from what was taken.


Six adults, two babies & one dog...... all looking in my direction, that's a miracle! I loved the fact that Mum & Dad kept the dog in the photos.

This shot is slightly cross processed (see earlier blog for a description on what that is) which works really well with lens flare (that sparkley stuff that's making funny blobs on the pic). I like it!

These two pics (above and below) look like mum & Archie are conspiring about something. tee hee.

More lens flare - you gettin' the idea now - cool huh?

Finally a spot of cross processing again. Rosie has great eyes and this showed them off really well.

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