23 Dec 2007

Leckhampton Hill - Downhill mountain biking 23rd Dec '07

Without wanting to bore you all, I hit Lecky Hill again today for a short session to refine my new found mtb'ing photography skills!

Ollie was today's main man, taking on whatever was thrown at him....... at high speed!

Here's just a couple of him, hopefully a little different from last weeks blog.


(Above) trying something different. Yeah it may not be a MASSIVE quarry jump, but Mr photographer likes it! Slave flash off to camera right (for anyone interested).

Above is a crop from the pic below. Nailing this type of shot is sometimes harder than it looks, so when I get sharpness like this and a cool expression I'm stoaked!

I'd better put a pic of the 'quarry' jump in as all the boys like that!

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