29 Dec 2007

Daisy Christmas

ohh to have a little helper when it comes to decorating the tree...... we were so pleased as Daisy managed to break two ballballs in as many minutes! She thought the Christmas box was so exciting though.... tee hee, how fun, didn't we all as kids?

Perhaps a little distraction in the kitchen baking ginger bread men will entertain her?

Daisy's Grandad came to play today so we hit the park on her new push along trike whilst mummy made some lovely lunch without her new found catering assistant.

It appears Daisy too has my desire to push the boundaries a little and preferred to stand on the seat rather than sit..... ummm... you'll fall off and break something Daisy (fine words from dad!).

Dec 12th sky - hot, hot, hot.

Just found this shot I took a couple of weeks back after a nice walk up the hill with my buddy Darren. I couldn't get home fast enough to shoot this as the colours change / disappear so quickly. Just about got it though... so here's another for my sky project.


23 Dec 2007

Leckhampton Hill - Downhill mountain biking 23rd Dec '07

Without wanting to bore you all, I hit Lecky Hill again today for a short session to refine my new found mtb'ing photography skills!

Ollie was today's main man, taking on whatever was thrown at him....... at high speed!

Here's just a couple of him, hopefully a little different from last weeks blog.


(Above) trying something different. Yeah it may not be a MASSIVE quarry jump, but Mr photographer likes it! Slave flash off to camera right (for anyone interested).

Above is a crop from the pic below. Nailing this type of shot is sometimes harder than it looks, so when I get sharpness like this and a cool expression I'm stoaked!

I'd better put a pic of the 'quarry' jump in as all the boys like that!

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