10 Apr 2008

Mark & kelsey's wedding - 22nd March '08 - Sedgeberrow Church / Dumbleton Hall

I'd known Kelsey having worked with her several years back when she had a year placement at the company I used to work for (ahh 9-5, I really don't miss that!). It was then, by chance a year ago, that I bumped into her in the pub and found she was planning a wedding - "hey Kelsey, need a photographer" I keenly announced.

Well, the rest is history and as you'll see from the shots we had a great day, with some mixed March weather but the sun certainly shone when we needed it.

(Above) the girls do 'pretty' stuff, whilst (below) of course the boys hit the pub.

Just look at that, I've even included a group photo on my blog - wonders do happen... and see, I do take them too!

This is a sizzler (above). I love the hazy light and lens flare. At full size it's so sweet with them just holding hands in the bottom corner.

Strangely enough my mum had some input into editing these wedding photos and this (above) was her fav. It is super cute, love the umbrella Mark!

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