3 Sep 2008

Wedding Photography Bowden Hall - Ian and Paula

Ian and Paula - 30th Aug 2008

Summer finally arrived for one day this August and the 30th was it. Hot, hot, hot. Paula must have certainly felt the heat as she's also 3 months pregnant so has the internal hot water bottle to contend with too (or so my wife tells me).

Here are a few of my favs from their day at a local spot in Gloucestershire.

It's always nice to hear clients are happy with their photos and it looks as though Paula certainly was! Here's what she had to say...

"Hi Matt, Hope you're ok? Well all I can say is you are amazing! We love every one of the photos and you captured the day perfectly - just how I wanted it. Thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you for being so much fun and being chilled on the day, it helped as I was a nervous wreck! We look forward to getting the cd in the post. Cheers Paula & Ian xx"

2 Sep 2008

Good Service

Sometimes I'm so pleased with good service that I even blog about it - todays delivery (that just arrived) is that special moment.

The Davis' are off to Center Parcs for a few days next week and in true Matt Davis style work has got in the way of sorting the important things that I really should have got ticked off weeks ago...."buying a bike rack". As anyone who may have been to Center Parcs knows, it's a cycling paradise....well it's handy to have a bike to get around at least. Not wanting therefore to stump up money to hire a bike (seeing as I have two of my own) I was going to have to invest in a Thule Bike Carrier. My problem was the last minute nature of sourcing them.

Well I could have worried less and left it even later as the fine service from Fasteronline pulled me right out the shit (am I allowed to say that on a blog?). Here's the fab story (in brief). Ordered yesterday, arrived today. There you go, as simple as that. I really do wish all services were as good as this? Fasteronline you get a big tick from the Davis' and I hope anyone else wishing to buy similar items gets to check you out. Ohh I didn't even mention the cost - they were also bar far the cheapest on the net. As a direct comparison to the same goods sold by Halfords, I saved over £50 - wowzers!

Other cool things I'm digging lately is my WeeRide. Sounds strange yeah, but put simply it's a childs seat for a bike, but with a twist.......it's up front, rather than behind (see photo below).
Daisy therefore gets to see the scenery, rather than your back for the whole journey like most other child seats.

Daisy and I returning from strawberry picking (hence the red lips hey Daisy..."she ate, I picked")

As I was riding at the time of taking the photo above, it was hard to actually get the whole seat in the shot, even if I am a professional photographer (safety first hey!). I therefore checked on the net and found this..... look, it's Juila Roberts Husband, he's got a WeeRide too.

I cruise around a lot with mine - to the shops, nursery, around the park, blackberry picking....and it's fab. I'll often get asked where it's from as people clearly haven't seen one before either. So here's my second tip of the day...... get one, they're great and you can buy them here.

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