21 Mar 2008


I thought it may be fun to add a few of the thank yous I get, onto the blog. This one from Tara should act as a reminder of 'things couples don't consider' when planning their wedding.

So to any of you out there not yet married, think about what you are going to do after walking out the church / ceremony. 'Cause, trust me, most of the time you look for solace in me........ and I always say, "I'm here to take the photos, not run the wedding!" Argh.... " but what do we do now Matt?"

Anyway, here's what Tara had to say.

Hi Matt. Just wanted to say again how thoroughly chuffed to bits we are with the photographs. You were so great on the day too - fun, easy going and full of useful advice (like what to do when we came out of the church and just stood there like lemons!).

We can't thank you enough.

Friends and family are really impressed with the pics too. I think several people will be ordering prints from you in the coming weeks (including us).

We're having a difficult time narrowing the photos down to 80 for the album, but hope to have made our selection by the end of the week. Will email you the list then.

If there's anything I can do to help in your marketing efforts, such as writing a comment on your blog or a longer testimonial for your website, do let me know. And if I hear of anyone getting married in this area, I will insist they contact you!

Bye for now,

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