26 Aug 2011

Getting married at Winkworth Farm

Marc and Robyn got married at Winkworth Farm in Wiltshire.  It was great to be back with her family having photographed her sisters wedding a couple of years ago.  In that time it appeared a lot of procreation had gone on.....kids everywhere!!!!!  This was pretty much how I saw the day, everyone loved the kids, Marc & Robyn are chilled out parents and took it in their stride.

The wedding had a real self made style about it.   The ceremony was at Crudwell Church, followed by a reception at Winkworth Farm, which is a great new venue based near Lea in Wiltshire.

How handy is she?

Only people with kids will get this.  Yes, that's a baby monitor.  After Robyn got ready, she then got her daughter up from a nap ready to walk down the isle.  Classic parental sleep, eat timing.

Crudwell village church.

These cuff links had a life of their own......

.....get a different person to have a try this time.

With this many kids at a wedding there were many tasks to complete before walking down the isle.

Robyn's wedding dress was by Jenny Packham. 


21 Aug 2011

Sennen Beach, Cornwall - Surf 'o' rama.

Sennen Beach, Cornwall.  Holidaying....yay :-)

Daisy wanted a few surf lessons from me.

Not bad.....if aided considerably by me and some sand beneath the board!

The whole ocean yet they wanted daddy to build them a paddling pool.

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