4 Apr 2008

Kids Passport Photos

This morning it was time to finally sort that nagging requirement of completing the blinking passport form for Daisy, including taking an appropriate photo.... ummmm..... appropriate? :-)

Words & reading really aren't my thing, so the task of completing the form was down to my wife, but next up was the fun part - photos - yippeee. Luckily we had a professional photographer to hand who knew exactly how to coax one little child into the perfect facial expression - or so I thought. A transformation of my office into a white studio was quick & simple, with yes, a white bed sheet - how hi-tech!

Next up Ali and I tried to explain to Daisy how she needed to keep still (as if) look straight at the camera (ummmmm) and the most impossible task of all, keep an expressionless face. She's only one you know.... how's she meant to understand all that?

Anyway, to cut a long story short here's a few photos with the chosen one in the middle. As you'll see, the session soon degenerated into just posing for the camera - child model anyone?????? Could this be a new lucrative side line for the Davis'... Daisy earning a living - brilliant.

1 Apr 2008


It's a golden oldie this one; taken back in Feb when Daisy discovered wearing mummies rubber gloves- brilliant. She's such a poppet.

She's all a sleepin' now though - ahh isn't she cute (when she's quiet). It cracks me up the way she sleeps width ways. So much cot and such a little person. The cot posses are abandoned down the one end, but rest assured 'bunnies' are close to hand.

Note: she wasn't this cute earlier today when running round B&Q, picking everything off the shelves and having a tantrum just like that one off the advert - you know it, lying on the floor, kicking feet as if life is just sooooooo awful!

Todays famous quote(s)

I read this today.........

"Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.” – Henri Cartier-Bresson

Luckily for any prospective customers I'm well passed this number now.

I also quite liked this........

“I really believe there are things nobody would see if I didn't photograph them.” - Diane Arbus

Blog Changes

So, I've been tinkering on my blog today and it's had a refresh. New title photo and a few tweaks here and there - I hope you like the updated new look.

My last refresh was three years ago - result, new hair cut. That's exactly what happens when I'm bored (you've gotta laugh at my really grumpy face in shot 11 - classic!)

30 Mar 2008

March - in a nut shell

This month appears to have zipped by at super speed. There's been weddings to photograph, albums to produce, lots of DIY around the house and a few family outings. Looking back through my photos from this month, I've picked out a few as a reminder of just what I was up to. Sorry, this is really a personal post, but hey, you may like to have a peek!

My little girl is growing up fast it appears. She's moved on from 'basic' books and actually sits still (sometimes) long enough to read a whole page of more than 20 words! I love the photo below as 1) it's very typical of life with a toddler and 2) her bunches are just sooooo cute.

Daisy has also been out walking on Leckhampton hill too. She's pretty good 'most' of the way, but be prepared, if she wants to be carried no amount of coaxing can change her mind. Note: only walk as far as you are prepared to carry Daisy back if required! Here she is anyway sporting some woodland treasure that mummy found her.

Ahh Easter, yes, that was in March right. Daisy & Mummy did some backing of Ginger Bread chicks & bunnies. I must confess however to knocking up the mix myself, but the girls did the hard work of rolling and cutting them out... and yes, they were yummy.

Meanwhile, Meg & Freddie managed their usual 16 hours sleep a day. Is Freddie really that big - he looks massive in this photo right?

Which brings me finally on to this weekend, where we hit the farm for a sleepover at my sisters.

It was lambing season on the farm and I decided my aim was to see a new born lamb being delivered. Sneaking around in the sheds was fun, but golly, it's a bit hit and miss between, eating, sleeping, drinking tea and getting takeaways to actually catch one of the ewes giving birth.......

........however, I was rewarded on the last day (having stood around for 30 mins) to see this little fella beneath pop out and join his sibling. It's all very interesting you know..... I'm so 'country' now.

He's cute huh?.. ohh and him beneath.

Finally this little chap was out of luck when he arrived in this world as mum didn't like him - bummer huh! So, as you'd expect (or not if you don't know much about farming) the simple solution is, well - milk from a bottle.

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