4 Apr 2008

Kids Passport Photos

This morning it was time to finally sort that nagging requirement of completing the blinking passport form for Daisy, including taking an appropriate photo.... ummmm..... appropriate? :-)

Words & reading really aren't my thing, so the task of completing the form was down to my wife, but next up was the fun part - photos - yippeee. Luckily we had a professional photographer to hand who knew exactly how to coax one little child into the perfect facial expression - or so I thought. A transformation of my office into a white studio was quick & simple, with yes, a white bed sheet - how hi-tech!

Next up Ali and I tried to explain to Daisy how she needed to keep still (as if) look straight at the camera (ummmmm) and the most impossible task of all, keep an expressionless face. She's only one you know.... how's she meant to understand all that?

Anyway, to cut a long story short here's a few photos with the chosen one in the middle. As you'll see, the session soon degenerated into just posing for the camera - child model anyone?????? Could this be a new lucrative side line for the Davis'... Daisy earning a living - brilliant.

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