4 Jun 2011

Italy - Tuscany, Sienna and Pisa

With a wedding in Tuscany to photograph it would have been wrong to just fly out and straight back again, so Ali and I took a short break and explored some of the beautiful cities of Tuscany too.

Quite a pretty spot to plan your journey to Sienna.  Map, Sat Nav, Rough Guide and Water - all the essentials.

The view from our table - ummmmm nice.

Tuscany certainly has some pretty towns.

This is the view of Sienna as we drove over the hill towards it.  Note: It's not always best to take photos AND drive, but worth it on this occasion.

We stayed right in the center of Sienna with this superb view from our hotel room.

Possibly my favourite photo of the holiday.  Simple and sums up Italy nicely.

At this point you should definitely stop viewing if you suffer from vertigo (or whatever the equivalent to it is, when looking up from the ground - a lot).  Certainly makes your neck ache.

Click the READ MORE button (far left) to continue with this blog post.....and many many more photos of Sienna & Pisa.

2 Jun 2011

Destination Wedding Photographer Tuscany, Italy.

Photographing weddings doesn't get any better than when in Tuscany at the beautiful wine resort of Conti di San Bonifacio. 

It's been a busy week at for Matt Davis Photography with this destination wedding making up my final wedding to shoot in May.  It's never all rosy though and this usually hits home as you sit in the airport departure lounge watching your flight status change to delayed, due to the discovery of an unexploded WWII bomb at Pisa Airport!. 

The full blog will follow shortly but in the interim congratulations to Darren & Suzanne on their amazing wedding in Tuscany.  Here's a sneak peek....

Mr & Mrs relaxing by the pool - well alright, posing for a photo! :-)

Fairly appropriate I guess as the venue Conti di San Bonifacio (which Darren and Suzanne independently found) has now been submitted to the popular boutique hotel travel site mrandmrssmith and is taking bookings for weddings on a regular basis now.

31 May 2011

Wedding albums - Dumbleton Hall

Simon & Liz recently collected there beautiful Matted Wedding Album, so before it left me forever I took a few photos to blog.  It was a unique wedding in that it snowed 'heavily' and with a black tie wedding theme made for stunning pictures with Dumbleton Hall providing the perfect backdrop

 For anyone considering a winter wedding you can see the full blog post and a slideshow here.  

A 40 page wedding album....compared to my 30 page sample album is certainly the daddy!

A blanket of snow and 'warm' setting sun...........not your typical British wedding.

Liz also had parent books to accompany her main wedding album.

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