6 Jan 2009

Yeah - it snowed.

I just love snow (like most people I'm sure) and in Cheltenham today we had a good covering - sufficient for a snowman & some sledging - wahoooo!

Being self employed I had the luxury of taking the morning off to make the most of it, so Daisy and I headed out for some chilly fun. It appeared we weren’t to be the only ones wanting to make snowmen, as Daisy’s ‘best friend’ Lily had rustled up a monster too…..go girls!

(Above).... I wasn't exactly prepared for snow so had to improvise slightly when it came to the sledge. One fertiliser bag, some bail twine & a load of straw later and we were off.

(Below) It's worth noting here that I don't actually have arms quite as long as Mr Tickel's despite what you may think from this photo!

One snowman wasn't enough for Daisy so we had to knock this one up when we got home.

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