13 Nov 2007

Lisa Welch-Grey & family - Portrait Session 11th Nov '07

Would you believe it, Mrs Grey was 60 this year (Happy belated Birthday by the way!) Lisa (her daughter) decided to record this memory with a portrait session for her parents and their extended family and bought a gift voucher back in..... wait for it........ January (yes, 11 months ago!)

Since then, the families have been doing what families do best.....reproducing. Lisa must have been thinking "get value for money, the more the merrier". I was therefore faced with three fine families that are the Grey / Welch-Grey clan for our shoot this weekend.

If anyone is interested in a portrait session I charge a small sitting fee of £45, come to you for added convenience and leave you to select the prints you want. Gift vouchers are also available to suit all budgets.

Here is a small mix from what was taken.


Six adults, two babies & one dog...... all looking in my direction, that's a miracle! I loved the fact that Mum & Dad kept the dog in the photos.

This shot is slightly cross processed (see earlier blog for a description on what that is) which works really well with lens flare (that sparkley stuff that's making funny blobs on the pic). I like it!

These two pics (above and below) look like mum & Archie are conspiring about something. tee hee.

More lens flare - you gettin' the idea now - cool huh?

Finally a spot of cross processing again. Rosie has great eyes and this showed them off really well.

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